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Christchurch School has evolved dramatically over the years: There are new buildings on campus, we have a revolutionizing new curriculum, and fresh faces can be found in the classrooms and on the playing fields. But that doesn’t mean that this is no longer your school. Your legacy lives on in every school-wide cookout, every triumphant sports team, and every graduation ceremony. Christchurch School has evolved into the dynamic and progressive institution that it is today because of your contributions as a student and as an alumnus. We welcome your input and encourage your involvement in our steadfast dedication to exceptional education and personal development. Take the time to explore our website and refresh your connection with Christchurch. Also, keep us informed on what’s happening in your life – visit the Alumni Community to update your contact information and reconnect with classmates.
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Christchurch alumni are found throughout the world. There is a little piece of Christchurch wherever you travel. Many hometowns are donned with Christchurch banners, flags, and stickers.
Alumni are perfect ambassadors for prospective students and summer campers who want to be included in the Christchurch experience.  Spread the word! Tell your friends, family and business associates about Christchurch School!
If you are interested in alumni that live in a particular area contact Huntley Galleher by e-mail or call 804-758-2306 ext. 135. He will be happy to connect you with members of the Christchurch family in your region.
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Jason Soucek Tournament
Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12

Saturday, September 26

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Saturday, September 26
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Richmond Gathering
Thursday, October 15

John Stone Memorial Tournament
Friday, December 11 and Saturday, December 12


Richmond, VA Alumni Gathering
Thursday, February 4, 2016
District 5

Alumni Phonathon at Christchurch School
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Career Night
Monday, February 15

Alumni Phonathon in Richmond, VA
Monday, February 22, 2016

Dan Nolan Lacrosse Tournament
Friday and Saturday, April 1 & 2, 2016

Coral Performance - Bruton Parrish - Williamsburg, VA
Saturday, May 14, 2016 

Baccalaureate 4:30
Friday, May 27
Senior Dinner and Party
Friday, May 27
Saturday, May 28

Christchurch School Golf Classic
Followed by dinner and music
Piankatank River Golf Club
Friday, June 3
Reunion 2016
Friday & Saturday, June 3 & 4

Annual Fund 2015-2016 Ends
Thursday, June 30, 2016

For more information on any of the above gatherings please contact Huntley Galleher by e-mail or call 804-758-2306 ext. 135.


It's still National Poetry Month! Coach Waite and Tristan P. wowed us in assembly with a reading of  "Casey at Bat." Guerilla poetry continued to pop up throughout campus, much to the delight of those who discover it. 
April showers did not keep the baseball team from defeating Woodberry Forest or the JV Lacrosse team from a victory over Gloucester Club this weekend!
Spring Family Weekend 2016 was great! We enjoyed visits with our families, grandparents and special friends. Highlights included a Great Journeys presentation by Dr. Keesee, the student Art Show, the Talent Show, the Community Cookout, and having grandparents visit classes!
Mr. Cola and a group of adventurer spent a glorious Sunday afternoon hiking Old Rag in the Blue Ridge Moutains Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park. #CCSadventure
Mr. Byers and some lucky students met the Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church this weekend. The Presiding Bishop was in town to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of our neighbor, Christ Church Parish. Bishop Curry was a terrific sport. He posed for pictures at our Bell Tower and even rode to the Parish with our students in one of the CCS buses!
Mr. Parsons took his advisees to see The Lion King at the Altria Theatre in Richmond on Sunday afternoon! The Grammy Award-winning Sound Designer for the production is the uncle of sophomore Avery S. and so the group enjoyed a private, backstage tour! Afterwards, they ate dinner in Carytown and stopped for doughnuts on the way home. #CCSadvisory


Mr. Angstrom reports that our new Maker's Lab is almost complete!
Mr. Goodrich reports that the annual RAIS (Richmond Area Independent Schools) College Fair was a resounding success! He says that juniors had great conversation with college admission representatives from around the country. They connected with reps from schools that they were already interested in, as well as schools and reps that were new to them. Several of the juniors have already sent follow-up thank you e-mails to some of the reps, know that mature and thoughtful correspondence with college admission offices can leave a lasting, positive impression! 
Ms. Sinnenberg's 10th grade English classes read West African folktales and retold them to their classmates by creating a short play or telling the story griot (a West African storyteller)-style. They are reading Things Fall Apart and preparing to write some of their own Rappahannock Watershed folktales. 
Mr. Parsons' Nature of Music class visited the Memory Care Unit in Gloucester, where they were partnered with patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The students returned to CCS to research and reflect on the time that their partners were teenagers and young adults. They created specialized  playlists. On Monday, they returned and played the music they had chosen for their partners. The unit's director wrote a note to express her amazement and how touched she was to see "such compassion and kindness offered by your students and to see my residents so full of joy and wonder!"
Our celebration of National Poetry Month continues, with plenty of guerilla poetry left in surprise places and Jack N. delighting us with a reading of  The Man Moth in assembly.
Congrats to J. Jiang who was elected Head of the Community Council. In her acceptance speech, JJ promised to "represent your voice with passion and effort. I'm here, and I'm listening."
Congratulations to our Sailing Team! The Seahorses won the 2016 Spring MidAtlantic Scholastic Sailing Association (MASSA) District Mallory Championship this weekend in New York. Now it's on to Charleston, where they will compete for the Mallory Cup National High School Championship!


The 10th and 12th grade Immersion Trips were a hit, and a little April snow ("it's awesome," said Steven S, "it's perfect," said Jack N.) didn't dampen anyone's spirits! Mr. Cola especially recognized our teachers for all the people and places they've connected us to and reminded us that this is "big work that no other school is doing!" 
The seniors explored the Potomac River and the city of Washington, DC. The 12th grade integrated curriculum focuses on understanding the self in relation to society globally, and again in relation to one's local place. Their Big Questions for the trip were "Based on the evidence you have seen in and around the nation's capitol, how do you rate the US commitment to global sustainability (based on William McDonough's Sustainability Fractal)? As a critical thinker, is the fractal an effective tool to evaluate the health of global development? How does your understanding of global development issues relate to opportunities you will have beyond CCS?"
The sophomores explored the headwaters of the Rappahannock River. The 10th grade integrates its curriculum by expanding field experiences to the Rappahannock and the entire Chesapeake Bay  watershed. Their Big Question was "Different communities in our river's watershed have wants and needs that can conflict. How do the actions of communities on the Rappahannock impact one another and the overal watershed system?"
Mrs. Schroeder '79 took her advisees out for a mid-week lunch treat at Mi Jalisco, in Urbanna. We heard the quesadilla rellena was especially delicious. "It was all so good!" 
Congratulations to the Girls Lacrosse Team! They premiered at #7 in the VISAA Divsion II Top Ten, Week 1 poll! 


It's National Poetry Month! Ms. Showalter kicked it off by reading John Brehm's "If the Feeling Isn't In It" in assembly. "Dogs will lick your face if you let them ..."
Ellie L. recited SLAM poetry, "Somewhere in America," that got us all thinking hard.
Juniors and seniors were riveted at Career Night. Favorite presenters were Attorney David Eberline '02 and Teacher/Coach/Lacrosse All-American Fielding Crawford '99. #CCSsuccess
Mr. Bloom's 10th grade Integrated Math students worked on lines and angles. 
Mr. Homer's 10th grade Modern World History students studied developments from German Unification through to status of alliances in Europe in 1914, before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Students chose whether to support or oppose the idea that it was still possible to avoid World War I despite the M.A.I.N. causes of the Great War already being in effect. Each student will pose as a statesman or stateswoman and address the combined foreign ministers of Europe with a "Stepping Away from the Brink" speech. To prepare for the speeches? Music from Mary Poppins! Listen carefully, you'll be surprised!
On a perfect spring day, the 9th graders and their teachers headed to historic Jamestowne for a PEAC. There, they continued with their integrated, thematic, locally-based work driven by preset inquiries across all disciplines. Historian Mark Summer and archeologist Danny Schmidt guided the group through the most important digs in the United States.
In Friday's senior speech, Chiles M. took a few moments to reminisce about the excitement of applying to CCS. "Mr. Byers was as happy to meet me as I was to meet him!" He also noted that his advisor, Mrs. Schroeder, is like a mom away from home ... celebrating the good times and "getting after" him when necessary.
In honor of the 24th Daniel T. Nolan Lacrosse Tournament, the lacrosse captains led us in the Friday cheer.
Three cheers to the sailors who came home to ring the bell after Saturday's VISA Fleet Regatta victory in Yorktown.


In preparation for their final book of the year, Norman MacLean's A River Runs Through It,  Mrs. Byers' 11th grade English students engaged in a great PEAC with Mr. Alter and Mr. Cola. They learned to tie flies and threw casts off Headmaster's Hill. Even the corgis got involved! #experiential
Students in Mr. Angstrom's Computer Science classes battled it out with robot soccer! Take a look!
Dr. Little's Advanced Spanish Reading class has been studying literature from Argentina. They read several works by renowned Argentine author Mempo Giardinelli. The class skyped with Mr. Giardinelli at his foundation in Resistencia, Argentina. Giardinelli is recipient of dozens of international awards, and his foundation is recognized by the Argentine government and the UN for promoting literacy. 
Shortly after his return from the India Trip, Mr. Goodrich was walking across campus and noticed that a manhole in front of Scott Dormitory was marked "made in India." He was intrigued, and discovered that most manhole coverings in major US cities are made in India. He found a documentary about this industry and showed the 3-minute trailer, Cast in India, to his 10th grade Honors World History class. This led to a fascinating conversation about the history of industrialization and issues of workers rights, environmental regulations, jobs, and a host of other, related topics. 
The football team picked their jersey numbers for next year!
In his senior speech, Andre J. reminded us that "joy can co-exist with failure." Hector G. urged us to"find a passion and let it take you to the top of the world!"
Congrats to Mr. Kempe, who won a $25 Wal-Mart gift certificate for his Instagram pic,
"Lunch at Chick fil A!" #CCSrightnow
Thanks to baseball team captains Austin R, Keenan B. and Tristan P.  for leading our Friday Cheer!
Ms. Fisher and Mr. Bloom treated their advisees to an Easter afternoon of lacrosse - University of Richmond vs. High Point. It was a big win for the U of R Spiders!
It was a rainy Easter, but a sunrise celebration at the waterfront, festive treats at brunch and an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon made for a cheerful day! #EpiscopalSchool #HappyEaster

Mr. Byers reported that we have ten weeks left "to enjoy our beloved seniors!" He advised us to "treasure every minute" with them.
Special guest Joel Salatin - whose VA farm, "Polyface," was featured prominently in The Omnivore's Dilemma and in the documentaries, FOOD INC. and FRESH - had us riveted in a special assembly on Thursday morning. Salatin, declared "World's Best Farmer" by Time and profiled in SmithsonianGourmet and National Geographic magazines, told the students "you can't do anything you want to the world. When you submit to the intricate workings and patterns of ecology and in your intellectual discoveries maintain a humility for the patterns of nature, innovation takes a quantum leap forward." He challenged us to commit ourselves to the "salvation and remediation of our nest." Mr. Salatin stayed on for some special work with our 10th graders.
Congratulations to Coach Clark and the sailing team! They won their first regatta of the year. It's always great to win at your own waterfront!
Our community is positively aBUZZ with stories about adventures in India and Guatemala. If you haven't enjoyed the blog yet, do so!
Ms. Miller's Honors Chemistry class learned about chemical equilibrium, Mr. Fritz's Theological Perspective students worked on autobiographies of their relationships with earth, and Mr. Pyles' Honors History and Government students worked vigorously on their research papers. 
The freshmen took a PEAC to Historic Jamestowne. Not sure what a PEAC is? Learn more. 
Seahorse golfers prepared for the season ahead by attending a rules seminar.  
Thanks to the girls lacrosse team for leading our Friday Cheer!

February, March 2016

Travel vicariously with our students and faculty through our


Our Great Journeys curriculum is a breath of fresh air. It is bold thinking based on research. It is a method of teaching and learning that emphasizes critical-thinking, excites the imagination, uses all five senses, and inspires the explorer in all of us. It is a three-dimensional and real-life experience. 

Because some of the most powerful lessons are learned outside the classroom, the Chesapeake Bay watershed is an important component of all CCS classes; science, of course, but also English, math, history and foreign language. We know that combining the classroom with our region's natural resources makes learning fun and lessons stick. 

Christchurch is the only school offering a college-prep program which includes:
  * regional and global immersion trips
  * deep understanding of sustainability issues
  * regular exploration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  * on-campus, oyster aquaculture

Teaching that lasts. Skills that travel. Learning that stays with you. In a place where character matters and the curriculum is alive.