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While seniors took exams, we recognized our 9th, 10th and 11th grade students for their hard work in the classroom at the 2017 Underclass Awards and Rising Senior Ceremony. The assembly closed with the Class of 2018 signing the Senior Book! #Classof2018
Congratulations to our sailors, who raced to 7th place in the 2017 Baker Trophy National Championship at Old Dominion University in Norfolk over the weekend! We are so proud! #GreatJob
We said a fond farewell to the Class of 2017 with a beautiful ceremony on Headmaster's Lawn. Congratulations to the class for acceptances to these fine colleges and universities!
Here's a look back. Grab your tissues ... 

For their final exam, Dr. Little's Honors Spanish Food and Culture Seminar hosted a banquet on Friday night. They planned and prepared a four-course meal with food from Central and South America, the Caribbean and Spain. 
The weekend was a flurry of packing and exam prep, mixed with ample stress relievers and snacks! Mr. Blankenship and Mrs. McNeill took a group for an afternoon bike adventure on the Virginia Capital Trail. The weather was perfect - 72 degrees with sunshine and a light breeze!
Friday's assembly was the last for the Class of 2017. It was bittersweet, with many goodbyes. Mrs. Hennigar, founder of our amazing Learning Skills Program, is retiring after 34 dedicated years. We honored her with flowers, handwritten notes and a slideshow full of grateful Seahorses whose lives she has touched. Mrs. Meghan McNeill led the tribute - she spent the last year under the mentorship of Mrs. Hennigar and will lead the program forward. She is ready and has learned from the best! Watch the video. #thankyouMrsHennigar
We also bid farewell to the Class of 2017 with a slideshow, while Cantorion sang "That's What Friends Are For." #tearjerker
Here's to all our Seahorse Moms, grandmothers and aunts!
In case you didn't see our slideshow on social media ... Happy Mother's Day! 


THANK YOU to the Parent Council and our amazing families who made sure that we were showered in love for Faculty Appreciation Week. We had an amazing luncheon, our students wrote beautiful, heartfelt notes, Cantorion sang to us, and each day we received a special treat with an inspirational note. We feel so appreciated! Thank you. #A+
Mr. Cola and Ms. Sinnenberg took the 10th grade English students on a PEAC to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where they explored hard questions such as: 
 o What is an effective strategy for observing art?
 o How is the literature in 10th grade connected to and represented by notable works of art?
 o How can art represent our wants and needs?
 o How does art mimic culture and society? Can art be effective at rebelling against society?
 o What do Polyface Farm, exploring our river’s watershed and Kehinde Wiley have in common? How  
    do they all address 10th grade theme and point of conflict? 
o What is the power of our impacts?
It was a busy last weekend of fun before we buckle down next weekend to prepare for exams!
Faculty and students headed every which way, with Go Carting, fan vans to the choral concert, snack runs, Cold Stone Creamery, shopping, haircuts, International Food Adventure Trip, GForce Karts, Ghengis Grill and so much more! On campus, we enjoyed movies with popcorn, beautiful weather at the waterfront, basketball with Mr. Alter, and Coach Bloom's famous Philly cheesesteaks! #weekendfun
Mr. Parsons, Cantorion and the St. Peter's Chapel Choir performed in the Candlelight Concert series at Bruton Parish in Williamsburg on Saturday. What an honor!
CONGRATULATIONS to our sailors, who took 4th place in the 2017 Mallory Cup Double-Handed National Championship held at MIT over the weekend. Next up? Coach O'Connell and the team head to Norfolk the weekend of May 27, 28 to compete in their second National Championship this spring, the Baker Trophy. The Seahorses competed in a field of 20 schools at the Mallory, finishing ahead of such other sailing powerhouses as St. George's School (12th) and Tabor Academy (13th).


It's time again for a favorite CCS annual spring tradition ... Senior Dinners! Ninth graders kick off their CCS careers with Christmas tree decorating at the Headmaster's Residence, and they come full circle as seniors with small-group, seated dinners with Mr. and Mrs. Byers. #bittersweet
Monday was Project Presentation Day for our juniors and seniors. The focus of the project in the junior year is for students to find an area of interest and then to conduct real-world, meaningful research as they learn more about their topic/issue/problem and think about how they might direct that project into action in their senior year. 9th and 10th graders chose which presentations to attend. What a great, inspiring day! Topics ranged from wetland conservation to student debt to the electoral process to mental health to building monkey-proof greenhouses to global surfing!
Hot and golden funnel cake fries at lunch on Tuesday got the week off to great start!
"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike." John F. Kennedy
We couldn't agree more, and if you're on campus you'll see bikes, bikes and more bikes just tooling around campus. If you look sharp, you might even see Mr. Byers on a bike! The Community Life Office reminds us to be safe and use good judgement!
... and the four-square balls have returned! #favoritepastime
What a wonderful, wonderland weekend it was! We had a blast at Prom 2017, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Shout out to Miss Jane Allen for making it all happen, down to each, special detail!
Alice: "This is impossible." The Hatter: "Only if you believe it is."


Eighteen students from all grade levels took an amazing overnight PEAC (Place-Based Extension of the Academic Classroom) to Washington DC with the goal to explore realities of the African American experience, which they did through thoughtful music; complex podcasts and conversation; Senegalese food and conversation with the first generation immigrant owner; meaningful interactions; conversation and reflection at Howard University; poetry; learning the history, mission and strategy behind the National Society of Black Engineers; experiencing the National Museum of African American History and Culture in its first year. The group spent the night at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Alexandria. 
Mr. Pyles came to Faye Dorm on Thursday night to talk to the 9th grade boarding boys about preparing for their final exams! The takeaway? It's time to get started!
Thanks to all the candidates who applied to be prefects for next year! The process was intense, with lots of paperwork and intensive interview sessions ... great preparation for job interviews someday! Stay tuned to learn who next year's residential hall leaders will be ...
The junior class headed to the Richmond Independent Schools College Fair with Mr. Goodrich on Thursday. More than 200 colleges and universities were represented at the fair, and surely everyone found a few schools to be excited about! #Classof2018
Family Weekends are always a special time at CCS, and this spring's was no exception. We loved meeting so many proud grandparents on Friday's Grandparents and Special Friends Day!
CCS faculty went the extra mile on Saturday of Family Weekend to make sure that students who were not with their families had a special dinner, whether homecooked or at a favorite restaurant! Hats off to Mr. and Mrs. Byers, Mr. Angstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Wessinger, Mrs. Schroeder, Mr. Pyles, Mr. Parsons, Mrs. Schomburg, Mr. Fritz, Dr. Little, Ms. Fisher and Mr. Bloom, Miss Allen and Ms. Tanner! 
Mr. Parsons took his acting class to the National Theatre in Washington, DC to see the play Fun Home, winner of six 2015 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. And of course, they stopped along the way for a delicious Sunday brunch at Ted's Bulletin.


Congratulations to Alan H. '18 who won the election for Head of the Student Community Council!
What better way to start off the week than with the Spring Theatre Showcase in Cole Family Atrium? Congrats and thanks to Mr. Parsons' Acting I students who entertained us with excerpts and cuttings from classic and contemporary theatre, cinema and television scripts. 
Mr. Parsons took a group strawberry picking at Brookdale Farm in Chesapeake. They picked 32 gallons of fruit which they washed and sliced to make strawberry shortcake for everyone to devour on Saturday night!
Sunday's afternoon snack was a giant banana split, served in a 6 foot long (new, clean) rain gutter! 
Wednesday's Community Dinner menu was honey baked ham, vegetable strudel, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, rolls, coconut cake and key lime pie. We listened to a variety of poetry styles, including a poem written by Mr. Kempe and Ms. Showalter's son, Jude, called Tic, Tac, Toe! Other favorites were Class Ring read by Ms. Schomburg, and After the Loss read by Ms. Fisher. Other poems we loved this week were Shel Silverstein's Lazy Jane recited by Kwaku A. and Fife A; John Keats' This Living Hand read by Dr. Heath; we, the 99% read by Avery S. and Lexi C's original Today, Mama Told Me to Stay in the House

Mr. Blankenship took his lucky advisees to Merroir for lunch on Thursday. They tried everything from the burgers to the oysters, with crabcakes the overall favorite! Many decided that they would like to take their parents to Merroir.
Safety first! When an errant bag of popcorn set off the fire alarms this weekend, the cogs turned smoothly in a well-oiled machine! Students knew exactly what they were supposed to do and the faculty duty team was able to account for everyone quickly and efficiently!
Congratulations to boys lacrosse! The team ranked #5 in this week's VISAA Division II poll!
Congratulations to our sailing team! The Seahorses competed in the MASSA Baker Qualifier in Annapolis last weekend and took 1st place, earning a berth in the Baker Trophy National Championship (team racing) in Norfolk during the weekend of May 27. The team already qualified to race in the Mallory Cup National Championship (doublehanded fleet racing) at MIT during the weekend of May 13. Fair winds, Seahorses!


Beautiful spring days mean lunches on Buchanan Terrace!
Surprise! Mr. Byers carried on a favorite CCS tradition when he announced on Thursday night that Friday would be a Headmaster's Holiday! 
Future leaders bustled around campus, working on their application packets for prefectships, Student Community Council Head, International Student Liaisons, Inclusivity Council Head, Seahorse Society Tour Program Chairs, Blue/Orange Team Captains and Big Brother/Big Sister Captains. #FutureLeaders #SchoolSpirit
Congratulations to Community Council Head candidates Alan H. and Avery S. who gave rousing campaign speeches in Assembly. We are on the edge of our seats to learn the voting results! 
Guerilla poetry continued to pop up in all the nooks and crannies on campus in observance of National Poetry Month.


Mr. Kempe kicked off National Poetry Month in assembly with a reading from Upstream: Selected Essays by poet Mary Oliver.
In his senior speech, Jordan S. reminded us of the simple joys of getting a driver's license.
Mr. Nelson's pre-cal class learned the ins and outs of fractals by making some!
Fractal: a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation. 
On Wednesday, the 9th graders visited Historic Jamestown, America's first, permanent English colony, for a PEAC (Place-based Extension of the Academic Classroom). 
The 2017 Spring Immersion Trips just get better and better. 10th graders went to the top of the watershed, found the source of the Rappahannock River, and tested its water quality all along the way. The seniors explored the Potomac River and Washington, DC.  9th and 11th graders enjoyed a long and leisurely weekend (they took their Immersion Trips in the fall). Those who stayed on campus snacked on sundaes, ice cream floats, and loaded potato skins.  
Immersion Trip leftovers? No problem. Mrs. Miller and the girls on Second Murrell whipped up apple chips and fresh-squeezed juice with the remaining apples. 


Light and airy Tres Leches cake was the perfect dessert for Taco Tuesday. 
Our Director of College Placement, Mr. Goodrich, continued his college seminar sessions with the juniors. Topics include the teacher recommendation letter process, navigating the Common Application, the general timeline of the application process, how to maximize the opportunity of the April college fair in Richmond, the college essay, and more reminders about crafting a list of "best fit" schools. #Classof2018
Dr. Heath reminded us to enter St. Peter's Chapel on Wednesdays quietly, with reverence, and with phones out of sight. He also asked us to clean up after ourselves in the Dining Hall. 
Dr. Keesee's Honors History Seminar students continued work on their Colonial Export Economies projects. 
Mrs. Miller's Honors chemistry students finished up their chromatography labs. They will round out the year studying acid base equilibrium, aqueous equilibrium, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium and environmental chemistry.  
Adventure seekers canoed as-yet unexplored twists of the Dragon Run with Mr. Cola, Mr. Alter and Mrs. McNeill on Sunday. 
In spite of torrential rain on Friday, this year's Dan Nolan Memorial Lacrosse Tournament was a great event on Saturday. Congratulations to Hampton Roads Academy on the win!


We got caught up in the March Madness and were proud to follow Seahorse Devin Robinson '14 as he and the Florida Gators made it all the way to the Elite Eight! Great work, Devin!
Tuesday's iced coffee bar was a welcome sign of spring ...Thursday's lunch was hearty - fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, baked beans and build-your-own-Trail Mix Bar ... and thanks to SAGE for the new waffle makers and flavored mixes - we tried red velvet on Saturday and blueberry on Sunday! 
Mr. Parsons' Special Topics in Music - World Cultures classes tried out some Latin dance moves. 
It was sophisticated, semi-formal fun at sister school St. Margaret's annual Snow Ball this weekend!
Thanks to our seniors for always inspiring us with their senior speeches. Lale O. reminded us to listen to ourselves, and not let others define who we are. Austen M. encouraged us to take risks, which can lead to amazing opportunities. 
It was a great weekend to be a Seahorse! On Friday, our fields were bursting with girls soccer, girls lacrosse, boys lacrosee and baseball. Sailing and crew had regattas on Saturday. 


The 2017 spring home openers went into the books with a win for the baseball team over Blessed Sacrament Huguenot (4-3) and a win for the girls lacrosse team over Collegiate School Gold (13-9). 
Ms. Sinnenberg took her Theological Perpectives class to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond to explore western rituals and traditions for death. "This was a great opportunity to mold a comprehensive exploration of culture, identity, ritual religion and history.  The class discussed everything from sustainability to comparison between Hindu death rituals and westernized ones, all while listening to the James River rapids. It was a really cool night," said Ms. Sinnenberg.
There was something for everyone to enjoy this weekend ... cheesesteak subs ... the long-awaited Grand Opening of TJ Maxx ... Blue/Orange games ... rootbeer and Cheerwine floats ... Beauty and the Beast ... quesadillas and churros ... and of course, watching Seahorse Devin Robinson '14 on the big screen, as he and the FLA Gators beat UVA to advance to the Sweet Sixteen ... 


St. Valentine's Day was sweet. The National Honor Society sold carnations and chocolate kisses.
Mr. Schaefer's Honors PreCal students celebrated the holiday as they always do, creating Trig Heart Art Graphs with composite functions and their graphing calculators! #smartkids 
Mr. Parsons' "Nature of Music" students studied the impact of music on the brain. As one of their projects, they worked with patients at the Alzheimer's and Memory Care Unit at Commonwealth Senior Living, in Gloucester. On the first visit, students were paired with memory care patients. Back at CCS, each student then created a personal playlist for each senior, based on when and where they were teenagers. The responses were powerful. It's hard to guess who enjoyed the project more ... our students or their new friends! Read the details and see the great pictures on Facebook/ChristchurchSchoolVA/
Mr. Carey's 9th grade science students are studying evolution by designing and creating their own bugs with the 3-D printer! #cool
Congratulations to all of our Seahorses for an incredible winter season! View pictures of the Winter Co-Curricular Awards Ceremony in our photo gallery. 
"Glowga" (yoga with glow paint and black lights!) with Ms. Belasco was a hit on Saturday, as was the trip across the Rappahannock to Northern Neck Burger for "The Best Burger in Virginia!" Students made (and ate!) guacamole with Mr. Parsons.
Sunday was National Chocolate Mint Day and we did our patriotic duty by eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, mint oreos and mint chocolate chip cookie dough dip. #someonehadtodoit


St. Valentine's Day was sweet. The National Honor Society sold carnations and chocolate kisses.
Mr. Schaefer's Honors PreCal students celebrated the holiday as they always do, creating Trig Heart Art Graphs with composite functions and their graphing calculators! #smartkids 
Mr. Parsons' "Nature of Music" students studied the impact of music on the brain. As one of their projects, they worked with patients at the Alzheimer's and Memory Care Unit at Commonwealth Senior Living, in Gloucester. On the first visit, students were paired with memory care patients. Back at CCS, each student then created a personal playlist for each senior, based on when and where they were teenagers. The responses were powerful. It's hard to guess who enjoyed the project more ... our students or their new friends! Read the details and see the great pictures on Facebook/ChristchurchSchoolVA/
Mr. Carey's 9th grade science students are studying evolution by designing and creating their own bugs with the 3-D printer! #cool
Congratulations to all of our Seahorses for an incredible winter season! View pictures of the Winter Co-Curricular Awards Ceremony in our photo gallery. 
"Glowga" (yoga with glow paint and black lights!) with Ms. Belasco was a hit on Saturday, as was the trip across the Rappahannock to Northern Neck Burger for "The Best Burger in Virginia!" Students made (and ate!) guacamole with Mr. Parsons.
Sunday was National Chocolate Mint Day and we did our patriotic duty by eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, mint oreos and mint chocolate chip cookie dough dip. #someonehadtodoit


Did you know? The term "podcast" is a portmanteau of the words "pod" (from iPod) and "broadcast." 
Mr. Kempe's ninth grade English students polished up original podcasts based on poems they chose. Ms. Sinnenberg's 10th graders studied NPR's Serial and worked on writing and recording their own podcasts based on Hamlet. 
Congratulations to Kesley E, Eva J, Sydney P, and Judy W. who were named to the National Field Hockey Association's National Academic Squad. Sydney and Judy were further recognized as "Scholars of Distinction."
In his senior speech, Jose D. shared with us a lesson he has learned - that sacrifices need to be as big as your dreams. And he reminded us that the great clouds in life help to form the beautiful landscape. #wisdom
Three cheers to the Robotics Team! They competed with forty other teams and one Seahorse group made it to the top four and will proceed to the state competition! #hooray
We couldn't get enough of this year's winter musical extravaganza Radical Rappahannock, a 1980s Musical Revue. Artistic & Musical Director Mark Parsons, Creative Director Lexi Byers, Technical Director Mike Carey, Producer Meghan McNeill and the entire cast and crew gave the school community a sneak peak on Wednesday night, and the students roared their approval. The show opened to the public on Thursday night, and each of the three performances was more epic than the last! A picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy the photo gallery!  
It was a great weekend here at the river, with temps soaring to the low 80s. Bikes and skateboards were out in full force, and a few brave people even took a plunge in the river. Coach Schaefer took a hungry group to a Brazilian Steakhouse, Mrs. Smiley made soft pretzels and Mr. Parsons took Cantorion to perform Evensong at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. 


Mr. Parsons' Nature of Music class visited Alzheimer patients at Gloucester House. Students visited one-on-one with the residents, and will develop playlists for each, based on the times and places in their lives. 
Mr. Banks' Intro to Art classes put the finishing touches on their hard edge still-life paintings; Mr. Ramsay's Exploration, Colonization and Conflict in the Early Americas class studied the Salem witchcraft trials; and Mr. Bloom's Finite Math students learned about compound interest and annuity formulas. #collegeprep
In senior speeches, Hunter O. talked about the benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone, Anna B. spoke of times when the journey seems strenous and not wonderous, and Huy B. talked of how a determined effort can lead to a splendid outcome. #tradition
On Saturday, students learned the art of making sushi with Ms. Stanley and the SAGE folks. Later that evening, Mr. Angstrom taught the art of poker!
Fourteen adventurers climbed Old Rag Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park on Sunday with Mr. Cola. #glorious
Those who planned ahead and completed their homework enjoyed the Super Bowl with plenty of chips, dips, meatballs, chili, nachos and ice cream. Dinner was a golden cornucopia of Super Bowl favorites - chicken wings, fried pickles, jalapeno poppers, potato skins and pulled pork sliders. #junkfoodfunfood


Mr. Byers challenged us all with his reading of St. Francis Drake's prayer "Disturb us, Lord, when we are too pleased with ourselves, when our dreams have come true because we dreamed too little ... when with the abundance of things we possess we have lost our thirst for the waters of life ..." #proudtobeanEpiscopalSchool
In their excellent senior speeches, Jemima O. talked about Important Women, Khoi H. pondered the importance of being able to "live in the moment," and Caitlin O. explored the meaning of "home."
The winter production Tech Crew led us in the Friday cheer. #goChurch!
We ushered in the Year of the Fire Rooster on Friday night by learning all about Lunar New Year and its customs, feasting on special treats and playing traditional games and music! To find out your zodiac animal or to learn a little bit more about Lunar New Year, check out this great link shared by Ms. Tanner, our International Student Coordinator.
It was a fun-filled weekend with skiing at Wintergreen Resort, an epic exit from the Escape Room in Williamsburg, bingo and pizza rolls, and UVA vs. Villanova Basketball with an infamous Buffalo Chicken Dip cook-off between Ms. Fisher and Mr. Bloom. Whose recipe was the favorite??? #nevertell


After a weekend of service dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, faculty and students read Letter from a Birmingham Jail in assembly on Monday.
Mr. Blankenship and Mr. Cola took a group of students to Richmond to learn, up close, more about the VA political system. Planned in conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the experience included time with lobbyists as well as specific state representatives. Students who attended were selected based on the connection the trip had with their two-year independent project topics, which include - oyster conservation, crop damage, affordable and practical renewable energy, Tangier Island's challenges, water conservation and quality, wetlands conservation and experiential education.
Congratulations to Margaret W. and Kennedy J. who broke school swim records!
Everyone loves a "dress down day!" And on Friday, we dressed down to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. 
Friday's senior speeches inspired and humbled us. Sydney P. talked about the colors of life and the constant battle between expectations and reality ... "let the wind rage, let the colors fly!" William M. touched us with his story of family and what it means to him to be an American. Treat yourself, and watch all of our senior speeches in the Media Gallery.
The rain could not dampen our fun this weekend. eTeam hosted a Madden Tournament - Connor G. won the golden football, but he'll need to challenge Mr. Dehm in order to keep it! Students did yoga, watched a Jason Bourne movie marathon, bought second-hand 1980s clothes to get in the spirit for RADICAL RAPPAHANNOCK, ate nachos, saw LaLaLand at the late movie in Williamsburg and stopped to eat at IHOP on the way home! And, they played lots and lots of basketball in Phipps Field House. 
Sunday night's BBQ ribs, cole slaw, fried pickles and devil's food cake w/sprinkles were delicious! Those who planned ahead and completed all of their homework over the weekend (college-prep!) were able to watch the AFC championship game in their Common Rooms.


The Alumni/Development Office organized a great program for the Class of 2017. Alumni Mitch MacDonald '13 (Randolph College), Kedron Walsh '14 (CNU) and Caitlin Blankenship '14 (Roanoke College) shared "If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!" The panelists were thorough and insightful. Questions included, "what was your biggest challenge in your transition from high school to college?" "how did CCS prepare you?" "what mistakes did you make?" "how do you stay healthy when you have more freedom?" The seniors were VERY attentive!
Thanks to Thomas W. for his inspiring senior speech on Friday about the power of maintaining and strengthening your relationship with family. He encouraged his peers to strive for independence, but to be wary of becoming detached. "A regular phone call to home in your free time can make a difference." Wise advice, Thomas!
It was a busy weekend in the Student Center, with a Harry Potter Movie Marathon (complete with snacks - cockroach clusters, Professor Herbology's Veggie Garden, Voldomort's snake, magic wands, popping corn at the Quidditch Pitch and butter beer!), a Coffee House with nachos, line-dancing in the library (!) and community service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Thanks to Mrs. McNeill for organizing such meaningful service projects in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. On Saturday, students shopped for "Grab 'n Go" bags. The "Grab 'n Go" is a zip-lock bag with snacks, activities, and a microwaveable meal - something families can take with them for a day in a hospital. On Sunday, students assembled the bags and added handwritten notes.
Later, they went to the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond to deliver the bags and clean the house. Thanks to Mrs. McNeill for putting together this video of the day! 


Mr. Banks' Intro to Art classes learned about the Rule of Thirds, and applied it to their photography; Miss Belasco's Integrated Science classes played "The Brain Game"; Mr. Kempe's Honors English 12 classes finished reading Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness; and Mr. Schaefer's
Calculus classes worked on optimization basics - "A manufacturer wants to design an open box with a square base and a surface area of 108 square inches. What dimensions will produce a box of maximum volume?"
Thanks to eTeam who led us in the Friday Cheer!
We may have been snowed in over the weekend, but we still had all kinds of fun. The sledding on Headmaster's Hill was epic! We played card games and dominos, watched movies, played 3v3 basketball, and the duty team kept the snacks coming! Mr. Parsons made Monkey Bread and two whopping batches of Snow Cream; Coach Homer, Jemima and Nayyir made a huge pot of chili; we gorged on cookie sundaes and sandwich platters, and SAGE Dining kept the hot chocolate flowing. Sunday night's chicken pot pie was perfection on a cold, crisp winter night.


Each year, Mr. Byers writes a Christmas rhyme for the students, noting each one by name. This year was no exception! Sporting a peppermint-striped tie, Mr. Byers read the poem in Monday's assembly. You could hear a pin drop as each good boy and girl strained to hear their name! Hear it for yourself!
Students finished out the marking period and forged ahead into exam week with gusto! Thoughtful and delicious treats from the Community Life Office sweetened the deal. On Monday, each student received a Seahorse thermal tumbler to fill with hot apple cider or hot chocolate. On Tuesday, students took a break from exams to ice and eat giant sugar cookies. On Wednesday, they enjoyed sweet and salty popcorn with m&ms and sprinkles. Thursday brought boxes of giant donuts from Sunrise Bakery. #thanksCommunityLife #spoonfulofsugar
Ho, ho, ho! Was that Santa we spied, springing to his sleigh from the Headmaster's Residence on Monday? Each year, Mr. and Mrs. Byers host an extravaganza for the faculty children. Our talented Alex Marchetti '18 was there to capture the magic in photos. Enjoy! #Eloisewouldapprove

Once again this year, the 9th graders did a beautiful job decorating Mr. and Mrs. Byers' Christmas tree at the Headmaster's Residence. And the lasagna was delicious! Before you know it, the Class of 2020 will return for another favorite tradition, Senior Dinners! #slowdown
Kelsey E's senior speech inspired us to remember that incredible opportunities lie just over the horizon. She thanked Director of Global Education Mr. Alter and CCS for exposing students to endless possibilities!
It was great to be back in the Big Y for basketball action! The season started with the 26th Annual John Stone Tournament. Sixth Man was out in full force!
Ms. Sinnenberg and Ms. Forbes invited their advisees down to the waterfront house to bake Christmas cookies! #falalalala
eTeam hosted a FIFA tournament on Saturday night, and it was a blast! All hail Darius Tucker, FIFA champion. 
Once again this year, the Candy Cane Tree magically appeared on Headmaster's Lawn, loaded with a great crop of magically-replenishing candy canes. This is a sure sign that our students have been very good! #favoritetradition
Thanks to basketball captains Race P. and Steven S. for leading us in the Friday Cheer! #GoSeahorses
Congratulations to our swimmers. The team did well at Friday's meet and Shaohan Z. and Margaret W. broke school records! 
Exam Prep stress reliever - Mr. Valadez P '20 led interested students in a yoga session this weekend.
This week's menu was on point, with fried chicken/mac 'n cheese/baked beans on Thursday and a Chicago-style hotdog bar on Friday.  


+ Follow our travelers on the Senegal blog!

+ Monday's Actor's Showcase, The Losers' Club by Jonathan Smith, presented by the students in Mr. Parsons The Art of Acting class was well-executed and thought provoking. It caused us all do a little soul searching!
+ Dr. Little, Mr. Viser, Ms. Forbes and Mr. Cola gave an online presentation for the 7th Annual Global Education Conference on Tuesday. The GEC is the largest international conference where educators around the world discuss global learning through the use of technology. The presentation, delivered in Spanish, was called Fishing for Students: Ospreys and Experiential Learning in Spanish. It is a description of the PEAC (Place-based Extension of the Academic Classroom) that Mr. Viser and Mr. Cola developed around osprey migration for Mr. Viser's class - students canoed to the osprey nests, investigated,wrote about them, and are now connected with organizations in Colombia and Venezuela, where the our Urbanna Creek birds spend their winters. 
+ Dr. Keesee presented a webinar to the Independent Curriculum Group, A Learning Community of Engaged Academic Leaders and Schools working to Promote the Transformation of Teaching and Learning. The webinar is called Making and Managing Curricular Change at Christchurch School.
+ Three cheers for Mr. Parsons, who finished the Richmond, American Family Fitness Half Marathon!
+ Congratulations to all those who were honored at the Fall Co-Curricular Awards Ceremony!
+ Huge congrats to the sailing team! Our sailors braved the chilly waters of Lake Ontario and brought home the Atlantic Coast Championship! The Seahorses won with both A and B fleets and by 58 points in cold, shifty conditions. Incredible.
+ We "dressed down" on Friday to raise money for a special Tangier Island Christmas present effort. 
+ Hunter P's senior speech on Friday is one of our favorites! Hunter talked about his 4-year roommate, Shaohan Z. Hunter traveled with Shaohan to his home in Beijing, China, where Shaohan's father declared the boys "honorary brothers." This Thanksgiving, Hunter is taking Shaohan to his home in the panhandle of Texas. Hunter shared that over the years, the two have shared their days, cared for each other's comfort, and helped make each other better students. "I am proud to be his roommate."
Mr. Byers sent us off for the holiday with these good words from poet Miller Williams, 
 "Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don't want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone."


+ Mrs. Byers' junior English classes finished reading Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and started work on their critical analysis essays.
+ Miss Sinnenberg's Theological Perspectives class worked on its Compassion Project - making sleeping bags for the homeless.
+ The winter co-curricular season is off and running! The campus is buzzing with basketball, strength & fitness, robotics, River and Outdoor, performing arts and eTeam! #afternoonfun
+ The #MannequinChallenge sensation is taking social media by storm, and we've jumped on the bandwagon. Follow the fun! #MannequinChallenge 1 - Bishop Brown Patio and
+ Thursday's beef and bean chili, buffalo chicken salad and grilled cheese left us feeling warm and cozy inside!
+ The Weekend Fun was nonstop with BINGO featuring great prizes such as ramen, giftcards, mac 'n cheese, muffins and more. Some ventured to the Norfolk Admirals hockey game with Coach Bloom, a group streamed the D2 State Championship in Scheu Board Room, and several brave souls watched Poltergeist on the big screen in Marston (with popcorn, of course!).


+ Miss Allen and the field hockey team treated the faculty children to a hockey "play day." The kids were thrilled to get t-shirts and popsicles and to play with the "big kids." Perhaps Miss Allen was scouting for future talent! 
+ Ms. Belasco's Integrated Science 11 class dissected rockfish on Wednesday as part of their study of anatomy and physiology of keystone Bay species. 
+ No study hall on Thursday evening, so Mrs. Byers premiered "The Witch" in her classroom with popcorn, candy and hot chocolate!
+ The 59th Oyster Festival was a huge success! The weather was tidewater perfection - 60s and sunny, crisp and clear. Our students logged over 400 hours in community service, and still found time to see the sights and sample the offerings. Word on the street is that the bacon-wrapped scallops, fried oreos and cheese fries were the tastiest festival food. The brave tried alligator bites!
+ When not sampling fried foods at the oyster festival, students descended on Marston Hall this weekend with blankets and pillows to watch Moulin Rouge and Wolverine on the giant screen. There were plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers to eat, and s'mores at the fire pit. 
+ Mr. Angstrom took his Mechatronics students to an all-day Robotics Tournament in Hampton Roads.
When asked for a comment, one of the students said, "it was cool." 
+ Mr. Bloom's Finite Math classes tallied the results from their Mock Election. The results yielded no clear majority, but based on the data gathered, the class made a prediction on the outcome of Tuesday's election. Their forecast? Clinton.


+ On Tuesday, the tenth graders took an incredible PEAC (Place-Based Extension of the Academic Classroom) to author/farmer Joe Salatin's Polyface Farm in Swoopes, VA. The farm uses unconventional methods with the goal of "emotionally, economically and environmentally enhancing agriculture." The farm is where Salatin developed and put into practice his innovative agricultural methods, which include direct marketing of meats and produce, pastured-poultry, grass-fed beef, and a rotation method that makes his farm more like an ecological sytem than conventional farming (courtesy Wikipedia). Everyone was fascinated to see, firsthand, the farm they've been studying. The group helped Mr. Salatin build a hog house, dug sweet potatoes and (genuinely!) enjoyed the chance to try other farm chores.
+ You make the call! Which lunch was more delicious? Thursday's cheesy meatball subs with ranch fries or Fajita Friday?
+ We were treated to a phenomonal performance of The Tempest: Lost in Space this weekend. Kudos to Mrs. McNeill, Mr. Smith, Ms. Tanner, and the whole cast and crew for three flawless and VERY entertaining performances! #thoughtisfree
+ With a very important November 1 college application deadline looming, Mr. Goodrich reminded the seniors, "it's your process!" He was available in his office on Sunday afternoon for last-minute questions and jitters!
+ The weekend was jampacked with entertainment and food! An outdoor showing of Hitchcock's The Birds was appropriately creepy. The 1st Annual (!) Halloween water balloon battle kept Headmaster's Hill hopping. Everyone had their fill of s'mores, nachos, popcorn and hotdogs, and those who were feeling very, very brave headed to Busch Garden's HOWL-O-SCREAM!
+ Congratulations to the sailing team for finishing second in the MidAtlantic Team Racing Championship in Annapolis last weekend. The Seahorses won 10 of 12 races!
+ Coaches Schaefer and Cook found out on Sunday that the varsity boys soccer team will advance to the VISAA state soccer playoffs on Friday at Hampton Roads Academy. Hooray! Here's a fun video of the team heading down to Nunn Field for their last, regular-season home game. 


+ After a morning of testing, Wednesday's Blue/Orange competition was a blast. Tug o' War; soccer, volleyball and field hockey relays; football obstacle course; Hoola Hoop Pass, and Spontuneous were game favorites. It was a victory for the Blue Team! #goBlue
What's going on in the Lewis B. Puller Jr. '63 Marine & Environmental Science Center these days? 
+ In Friday assembly, Mr. Smiley and Dr. Little led us in a boisterous recycling refresher.
Please recycle!
Three cheers! Our River & Outdoor group led the Friday cheer. 
+ While many students went home to enjoy the three-day weekend, those on campus relaxed, dined at local restaurants, fished off the dock, snacked on popcorn and caramel/chocolate apples and toasted plenty of s'mores around the fire pit! #perfectfallweekend
+ Mr. Alter led an incredible Adventure Trip on Saturday. First stop for the adventurers was the Royal Bazaar, an Indian Market, where they bought traditional snacks and learned about Richmond's sizeable Indian population. They explored Shiplock Park near Shockoe Bottom, where they fished, explored, and hung out on the beach. They hiked to Libby Hill Park to watch the sunset and take in one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. From that vantage says Mr. Alter, "it is easy to see why Richmond was the capital of the confederacy!" The trip wrapped up with a feast at the Indian restaurant, Lemon, and then homemade ice cream in Carytown. 


+ The time arrived for the Class of 2017 to sign the cover of the TIDES #tradition #timeflies 
+ Monday's lunch featured cuisine from Northern China, and everyone raved about the Drunken Chicken and Bang Bang Shrimp. Thursday brought a huge crowd to the Parfait Dessert Bar, which featured fresh blueberries, strawberries, shredded coconut, granola and chocolate chips. #cantstopeating
+ On Thursday, the school community was invited to visit Ms. Sinnenberg's Theological Perspectivesclass at Club Time, for a cup of chai tea and a lesson about Hinduism! 
Three Cheers! The sailing team led us in the Friday cheer before heading off to take 3rd place in the MASSA Fall Fleet Gold Championship at Fort Monroe in Hampton this weekend! Winds were light but shifty and seas were flat with minimal current. 
+ It might have been the best Fall Family Weekend ever! The weather was spectacular; soccer, volleyball and football all enjoyed big wins; the Taste of the River dinner was delicious; and Sunday's  autumn concert was flawless. What a great weekend to be a Seahorse!
+ Just to make sure that students whose families could not visit also had some fun, faculty members volunteered to cook Saturday dinner in their homes! Mr. Parsons treated his group of guests to oven roasted chicken and stuffing; saffron rice; white cheddar mac 'n cheese; French green beans; yeast rolls; and cream cheese pound cake with caramel apple topping.


+ Thursday night's dinner - chicken & sausage Jambalaya, southwest red beans & rice and piping hot cornbread muffins -  made us all feel cozy as we braced for the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Friday's oven-fried buttermilk chicken and baked mac & cheese was lunch perfection.   
+ In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Evan P. '17, Jose D. '17 and Mariana G. '19 read a poem in assembly from US Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, "Let us gather in a flourishing way." 
+ Kathryn J. '17 kicked off another great season of senior speeches on Friday! Kathryn spoke eloquently of her physical and mental growth while at CCS, traveling to India with our Global Education program, and learning to find true, ordinary beauty everywhere. She encouraged all to travel abroad. "Thank you, CCS for all the ordinary beauty you give to us every day." Thank YOU, Kathryn! Great speech!
+ It was a little soggy, but what a great Homecoming Weekend we had! We met CCS legends at the Hall of Fame ceremony, there were big wins for volleyball, football and soccer, and the dance was super-fun.
+ On Sunday, the first Adventure Trip of the year went to the headwaters of the Rappahannock River in Shenandoah National Park. As with all Adventure Trips, there was plenty of fresh air, new experiences, freedom to roam, new bonds and fun! Highlights of the trip included hiking in the first cool, crisp air of fall (courtesy Hurricane Matthew), hanging out behind a waterfall, catching critters in a cold mountain stream, fly fishing for wild, native brook trout, creek hopping, a 60-foot natural rockslide, milkshakes at Northern Neck Burger, and star gazing on the school dock as the wrap-up! See for yourself, Adventure Trip | Shenandoah National Park.


+ Word spread quickly last week that the river was glowing with bioluminescent phytoplankton. Faculty took a group of students to our waterfront after study hall to swim, snorkel and frolic among the tiny, glowing "stars." #makingmemories 
+ We said "until later" to long-time SAGE chef Andre Smith on Tuesday. Although we will miss Chef Smith  - who promises to never be a stranger - we wished him well with vanilla sheetcake smothered in orange icing and sprinkles. Congratulations to Mr. Smith on his new job!
+ A picture is worth a thousand words! So enjoy Mr. Cola's slideshow of last week's 9th grade Immersion Trip. Stay tuned for a slideshow of the 11th grade trip to Tangier put together by our own Alex Marchetti '18!


+ Isn't it wonderful that a record number of Seahorses applied to be Admission Ambassadors for the 2016-17 school year?! Our students are our greatest resource! They gathered on Wednesday for pizza, Carpis Suns and training! Important jobs that our ambassadors do for our community:
     1) Student Tour Guides - they show prospective students and parents around campus, answer      
questions and tell their story. 
     2) Student Hosts - they take students to class and through a typical CCS day and introduce their        
visitors to friends, teachers and coaches.
     3) Office Assistants- they help with "behind the scenes work" - prepping for visits and Open   
Houses, writing postcards, making phone calls to families and putting together swag bags for our visitors! 
+ Mr. Carey's 9th grade science classes practiced seining in preparation for their Immersion Trip. They caught many silverback and even a few crabs!
+ We had a great turnout for the college eligibility and recruitment seminar for prospective college athletes. Forty-five students and family members attended. Mr. Goodrich, our Director of College Guidance was impressed with the presentation and says that he learned a lot! 
+ It was another great CCS weekend with plenty of shopping, eating at restaurants, and good old fun here at home - we watched Remember the Titans on the outdoor big screen, made s'mores in the fire pit, ate lots of ice cream floats and enjoyed brats Pittsburgh-style (thanks to Coach Bloom) with grilled peppers and onions. 


+ Ms. Schomburg took her advisees for a scrumptious dinner at Northern Neck Burger, their "favorite place!" They highly recommend the Bigger Boat Burger (bacon w/cheese and "rivah" sauce), with a side of Tappahannock Twisters, and don't forget to top it all off with a delicious Reese's Pieces shake!
+ We celebrated the Moon Festival (also called Mid-Autumn Festival!) on Headmaster's Hill with mooncakes, Chinese tea, lights and music! 
+ Although the weather is still a bit steamy, we are dreaming of crisp fall days and enjoyed the first of the season's "comfort foods" in Cameron Dining Hall - Taco Tuesday, grilled cheese w/chili and chicken/eggplant parmesan!
+ We had a great weekend! Dr. Heath set up his croquet set on Headmaster's Hill and taught everyone the "Queen's Rules." Saturday night, the movie Ocean's Eleven premiered at the waterfront, complete with a campfire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs!
+ The girls on First Murrell enjoyed a Sunday night study break with ice cream floats. Do you prefer a Cheer Wine, rootbeer or orange treat? 


+ Students in Mr. Carey's Integrated Science 9 class studied the tides. 
+ Mr. Schaefer's Honors Calculus class played the Chaos Game. It's all about algorithms!
+ Mrs. Byers' Honors English juniors composed mini essays. An essay is a form of considering, questioning, musing, puzzling, conjecturing, arguing by means of the act of writing! A mini essay challenges you to write about a topic in a sustained and focused way. #practicepracticepractice
+ Monday's MIX IT UP lunch was fun. It's great to make new friends. The topic for discussion? "If you really knew me, you'd know __________." What would you say?
+ Four Square is back and better than ever. #allworld
+ Friday's Chicago Hot Dog Bar was a real pleaser. Who doesn't love a hot dog with all the fixin's?
+ We heard that Saturday's movie and night fishing at the waterfront was a blast!

We love hearing about our Seahorses' summer adventures!

* Eliza Carr Schmidt '19
Eliza Carr interned this summer, photographing artifacts for the archeological dig at Menokin. Menokin is the home of Declaration of Independence signer Francis Lightfoot Lee.
* Boyd Bragg '19, Alara Sahin '18
Boyd (Skipper) and Alara (Crew) teamed up to sail in the 2016 US Club 420 National Championship in Nantucket Sound. One hundred and fifty boats competed in the event, and the Seahorses finished 1st in the Junior Division and 13th overall!
* Kameron Nelson '19
Kameron attended a Microsoft event in DC for students exploring careers in STEM, and wrote an essay about what technology will look like in 2050. His essay wowed the judges, and he won a Surface Pro 4 tablet. "Kameron's enthusiasm in his response and his vision for technological advancements in energy, the home, agriculture, medicine, and cybercrime really stood out from the other submissions,” said Melinda Moyo of Microsoft. Kameron also studied Game Theory at CTY in Santa Cruz, coached a youth soccer team, and worked on his concept for indestructible soccer cleats!
* Julia Aaron '20
Julia was on the swim team, worked with Special Olympics, went to Camp Friendship and spent time with military friends who are moving to new posts!
* Abby Blankenship '17
Abby played lacrosse for Storm Elite (Richmond), practicing 2-3 times per week May through June and playing in weekend tournaments in Maryland, Delaware and Richmond. 
* Landon Norwood '20
Landon fished nearly every day. He also went to the mountains with his grandfather and enjoyed a float trip down the James River in Arcadia with his family!
* Britney Peart '18
Britney was awarded a full scholarship to the 2016 Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar at Indiana University, The Black Struggle for Freedom An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Admission to the seminar is highly selective - Britny had to comple a four-essay application and give a personal interview. 


CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Clark and the sailors! They won 1st and 2nd place in the VISA Fleet Racing State Championship this weekend in Norfolk.  Hector G. was named VISA Sailor-of-the-Year; Hector, Austen F, Brendan L. and Boyd B. were named VISA Co-ed All-State Skippers; Thomas W, Sally J. and Erik D. were named VISA Co-ed All-State Crews and Sally J. and Alara S. were named VISA Women's All-State Crew. That's a LOT of great news! On Thursday, they're off to Anacortes, WA for the Baker Team Racing National Championship!

Congrats to AJ H. who qualified to represent CCS at the VISAA (VA Independent Schools Athletic Association) State Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook Country Club!
Congrats to Tazewell C. who was named to the 2016 All-Prep squad for lacrosse, and to Tristan P. who was named 2016 All-Prep and 2nd Team All-State in baseball! 
Joseph H. and Steven S. repped at the Best of 757 Football Combine over the weekend. Joseph was named Quarterback MVP!


Congratulations to the sailing team! Our sailors competed with the twenty best teams in the nation and finished in FIFTH PLACE ... that's FIFTH IN THE COUNTRY ...  at the Mallory Doublehanded National Championship in Charleston, SC over the weekend. We are bursting with pride. Congratulations to Coach Clark and the team!

In honor of completing Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, Dr. White and her ESL classes cooked a Nigerian meal. The menu was Jollof Rice with peppers, onions, tomatoes and six spices; West African Chicken with fennel, chickpeas, lemon and four spices; with Puff Puff (a Nigerian beignet) for dessert. Dr. White reports that the results were delicious, but even better was how well her students worked collaboratively on these unfamiliar dishes!
Parker P. wrapped up a STELLAR year of senior speeches by encouraging us to always remember, even in the low moments, that struggles are part of success. "Take risks, try something new, learn something, and get a good story in the process." Great advice, Parker!
We spent a spectacular Sunday afternoon playing Bubble Soccer on the Upper Field! Coach Waite grilled up some burgers, and we had a good old time.
Ms. Sinnenburg and the spring co-curricular theatre ensemble WOWED us with their exploration of William Shakespeare's  A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was funny, it was inspirational, it was amazing


Mr. Parsons' Theatre Arts class has been observing the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare, taking an indepth look at his impact on language, literature and entertainment. On Sunday, the group spent the day in Staunton at the American Shakespeare Center, where they enjoyed a private tour and matinee performance of The Life of Henry V.
Congratulations to the CCS Sailing Team for winning first and second place at the Junior Leukemia Cup Regatta AND raising the most money in the VISA with $2016!
Friday's Assembly was powerful:
Allen Michael D. really got us thinking during his senior speech when he told us that each day we are given 86,400 seconds. "What will you do with these seconds you are given? Will you make decisions to be cool or to better yourself?" Great questions, Allen Michael!
Patrick M. described life as a Philly Cheese Steak. He reminded us not to race through it, to slow down and savor every bite. "Don't be so busy trying to grow up that you forget to enjoy it!"
Mr. Byers reminded us all that, as an Episcopal school, we have high expectations in our community - regardless of what we see and hear in the media! "It's in our power to strive for unity and well-being, to make it a peaceable family, a good and blessed community!"
Mr. Goodrich read aloud the list of 109 colleges and universities from around the world to which our seniors have been accepted. AMAZING! Congratulations to all!
Mr. Goodrich then got right back to business by reminding the juniors to EAT WELL and SLEEP WELL in preparation for the SATs on Saturday! #Classof2017
The time draws near ... the Class of 2016 stayed after to talk graduation details! #bittersweet


CCS PROM 2016 was a great success. Enjoy Mr. B's amazing photo gallery! 
Our College Counselor, Mr. Goodrich, continued his work with the juniors on college essays - their importance and what colleges are looking for in a personal piece of writing. The juniors have begun to ask their teachers for letters of recommendation! 

Students in Mr. Fritz's Human Genetics class created amazing infographics to illustrate evidence of evolution. Mr. Edmond's Theological Perspectives class worked on "Philosophy of Life" essays, and Mr. Bloom's Honors Physics class built roller coasters as a way to study kinetic energy, potential energy, momentum and friction. In the end, there will be three different coasters for them to analyze. Mr. Carey's 9th grade classes wrestled with the question "At what angle and initial velocity would you need to launch a projectile so that it would circle the earth and land exactly where it was launched?"Lots of amazing, critical thinking happening here ...
Friday's lunchtime chicken piccata was outta this world, and we hear that Friday night's fries were perfectly seasoned and absolutely delectable. Add to that the semi-permanent addition of tangy seaweed salad to the salad bar and a cornucopia of fresh, spring fruits at every meal, and Cameron Dining Hall is a happy place!
Congratulations to the CCS Sailing Team! They won the MASSA District Baker Trophy ISSA Team Race Championship in New York this weekend! This win qualifies them for the National Baker Trophy Invitational Tournament Team Race Regatta to be held in Anacortes, Washington!  First Stop, the Mallory Trophy National Championship in Charleston, SC May 13-15! 


It's still National Poetry Month! Coach Waite and Tristan P. wowed us in assembly with a reading of  "Casey at Bat." Guerilla poetry continued to pop up throughout campus, much to the delight of those who discover it. 
April showers did not keep the baseball team from defeating Woodberry Forest or the JV Lacrosse team from a victory over Gloucester Club this weekend!
Spring Family Weekend 2016 was great! We enjoyed visits with our families, grandparents and special friends. Highlights included a Great Journeys presentation by Dr. Keesee, the student Art Show, the Talent Show, the Community Cookout, and having grandparents visit classes!
Mr. Cola and a group of adventurer spent a glorious Sunday afternoon hiking Old Rag in the Blue Ridge Moutains Mountains of the Shenandoah National Park. #CCSadventure
Mr. Byers and some lucky students met the Most Reverend Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church this weekend. The Presiding Bishop was in town to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of our neighbor, Christ Church Parish. Bishop Curry was a terrific sport. He posed for pictures at our Bell Tower and even rode to the Parish with our students in one of the CCS buses!
Mr. Parsons took his advisees to see The Lion King at the Altria Theatre in Richmond on Sunday afternoon! The Grammy Award-winning Sound Designer for the production is the uncle of sophomore Avery S. and so the group enjoyed a private, backstage tour! Afterwards, they ate dinner in Carytown and stopped for doughnuts on the way home. #CCSadvisory


Mr. Angstrom reports that our new Maker's Lab is almost complete!
Mr. Goodrich reports that the annual RAIS (Richmond Area Independent Schools) College Fair was a resounding success! He says that juniors had great conversation with college admission representatives from around the country. They connected with reps from schools that they were already interested in, as well as schools and reps that were new to them. Several of the juniors have already sent follow-up thank you e-mails to some of the reps, know that mature and thoughtful correspondence with college admission offices can leave a lasting, positive impression! 
Ms. Sinnenberg's 10th grade English classes read West African folktales and retold them to their classmates by creating a short play or telling the story griot (a West African storyteller)-style. They are reading Things Fall Apart and preparing to write some of their own Rappahannock Watershed folktales. 
Mr. Parsons' Nature of Music class visited the Memory Care Unit in Gloucester, where they were partnered with patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The students returned to CCS to research and reflect on the time that their partners were teenagers and young adults. They created specialized  playlists. On Monday, they returned and played the music they had chosen for their partners. The unit's director wrote a note to express her amazement and how touched she was to see "such compassion and kindness offered by your students and to see my residents so full of joy and wonder!"
Our celebration of National Poetry Month continues, with plenty of guerilla poetry left in surprise places and Jack N. delighting us with a reading of  The Man Moth in assembly.
Congrats to J. Jiang who was elected Head of the Community Council. In her acceptance speech, JJ promised to "represent your voice with passion and effort. I'm here, and I'm listening."
Congratulations to our Sailing Team! The Seahorses won the 2016 Spring MidAtlantic Scholastic Sailing Association (MASSA) District Mallory Championship this weekend in New York. Now it's on to Charleston, where they will compete for the Mallory Cup National High School Championship!


The 10th and 12th grade Immersion Trips were a hit, and a little April snow ("it's awesome," said Steven S, "it's perfect," said Jack N.) didn't dampen anyone's spirits! Mr. Cola especially recognized our teachers for all the people and places they've connected us to and reminded us that this is "big work that no other school is doing!" 
The seniors explored the Potomac River and the city of Washington, DC. The 12th grade integrated curriculum focuses on understanding the self in relation to society globally, and again in relation to one's local place. Their Big Questions for the trip were "Based on the evidence you have seen in and around the nation's capitol, how do you rate the US commitment to global sustainability (based on William McDonough's Sustainability Fractal)? As a critical thinker, is the fractal an effective tool to evaluate the health of global development? How does your understanding of global development issues relate to opportunities you will have beyond CCS?"
The sophomores explored the headwaters of the Rappahannock River. The 10th grade integrates its curriculum by expanding field experiences to the Rappahannock and the entire Chesapeake Bay  watershed. Their Big Question was "Different communities in our river's watershed have wants and needs that can conflict. How do the actions of communities on the Rappahannock impact one another and the overal watershed system?"
Mrs. Schroeder '79 took her advisees out for a mid-week lunch treat at Mi Jalisco, in Urbanna. We heard the quesadilla rellena was especially delicious. "It was all so good!" 
Congratulations to the Girls Lacrosse Team! They premiered at #7 in the VISAA Divsion II Top Ten, Week 1 poll! 


It's National Poetry Month! Ms. Showalter kicked it off by reading John Brehm's "If the Feeling Isn't In It" in assembly. "Dogs will lick your face if you let them ..."
Ellie L. recited SLAM poetry, "Somewhere in America," that got us all thinking hard.
Juniors and seniors were riveted at Career Night. Favorite presenters were Attorney David Eberline '02 and Teacher/Coach/Lacrosse All-American Fielding Crawford '99. #CCSsuccess
Mr. Bloom's 10th grade Integrated Math students worked on lines and angles. 
Mr. Homer's 10th grade Modern World History students studied developments from German Unification through to status of alliances in Europe in 1914, before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Students chose whether to support or oppose the idea that it was still possible to avoid World War I despite the M.A.I.N. causes of the Great War already being in effect. Each student will pose as a statesman or stateswoman and address the combined foreign ministers of Europe with a "Stepping Away from the Brink" speech. To prepare for the speeches? Music from Mary Poppins! Listen carefully, you'll be surprised!
On a perfect spring day, the 9th graders and their teachers headed to historic Jamestowne for a PEAC. There, they continued with their integrated, thematic, locally-based work driven by preset inquiries across all disciplines. Historian Mark Summer and archeologist Danny Schmidt guided the group through the most important digs in the United States.
In Friday's senior speech, Chiles M. took a few moments to reminisce about the excitement of applying to CCS. "Mr. Byers was as happy to meet me as I was to meet him!" He also noted that his advisor, Mrs. Schroeder, is like a mom away from home ... celebrating the good times and "getting after" him when necessary.
In honor of the 24th Daniel T. Nolan Lacrosse Tournament, the lacrosse captains led us in the Friday cheer.
Three cheers to the sailors who came home to ring the bell after Saturday's VISA Fleet Regatta victory in Yorktown.


In preparation for their final book of the year, Norman MacLean's A River Runs Through It,  Mrs. Byers' 11th grade English students engaged in a great PEAC with Mr. Alter and Mr. Cola. They learned to tie flies and threw casts off Headmaster's Hill. Even the corgis got involved! #experiential
Students in Mr. Angstrom's Computer Science classes battled it out with robot soccer! Take a look!
Dr. Little's Advanced Spanish Reading class has been studying literature from Argentina. They read several works by renowned Argentine author Mempo Giardinelli. The class skyped with Mr. Giardinelli at his foundation in Resistencia, Argentina. Giardinelli is recipient of dozens of international awards, and his foundation is recognized by the Argentine government and the UN for promoting literacy. 
Shortly after his return from the India Trip, Mr. Goodrich was walking across campus and noticed that a manhole in front of Scott Dormitory was marked "made in India." He was intrigued, and discovered that most manhole coverings in major US cities are made in India. He found a documentary about this industry and showed the 3-minute trailer, Cast in India, to his 10th grade Honors World History class. This led to a fascinating conversation about the history of industrialization and issues of workers rights, environmental regulations, jobs, and a host of other, related topics. 
The football team picked their jersey numbers for next year!
In his senior speech, Andre J. reminded us that "joy can co-exist with failure." Hector G. urged us to"find a passion and let it take you to the top of the world!"
Congrats to Mr. Kempe, who won a $25 Wal-Mart gift certificate for his Instagram pic,
"Lunch at Chick fil A!" #CCSrightnow
Thanks to baseball team captains Austin R, Keenan B. and Tristan P.  for leading our Friday Cheer!
Ms. Fisher and Mr. Bloom treated their advisees to an Easter afternoon of lacrosse - University of Richmond vs. High Point. It was a big win for the U of R Spiders!
It was a rainy Easter, but a sunrise celebration at the waterfront, festive treats at brunch and an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon made for a cheerful day! #EpiscopalSchool #HappyEaster

Mr. Byers reported that we have ten weeks left "to enjoy our beloved seniors!" He advised us to "treasure every minute" with them.
Special guest Joel Salatin - whose VA farm, "Polyface," was featured prominently in The Omnivore's Dilemma and in the documentaries, FOOD INC. and FRESH - had us riveted in a special assembly on Thursday morning. Salatin, declared "World's Best Farmer" by Time and profiled in SmithsonianGourmet and National Geographic magazines, told the students "you can't do anything you want to the world. When you submit to the intricate workings and patterns of ecology and in your intellectual discoveries maintain a humility for the patterns of nature, innovation takes a quantum leap forward." He challenged us to commit ourselves to the "salvation and remediation of our nest." Mr. Salatin stayed on for some special work with our 10th graders.
Congratulations to Coach Clark and the sailing team! They won their first regatta of the year. It's always great to win at your own waterfront!
Our community is positively aBUZZ with stories about adventures in India and Guatemala. If you haven't enjoyed the blog yet, do so!
Ms. Miller's Honors Chemistry class learned about chemical equilibrium, Mr. Fritz's Theological Perspective students worked on autobiographies of their relationships with earth, and Mr. Pyles' Honors History and Government students worked vigorously on their research papers. 
The freshmen took a PEAC to Historic Jamestowne. Not sure what a PEAC is? Learn more. 
Seahorse golfers prepared for the season ahead by attending a rules seminar.  
Thanks to the girls lacrosse team for leading our Friday Cheer!