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Our Great Journeys curriculum is a breath of fresh air. It is bold thinking based on research. It is a method of teaching and learning that emphasizes critical-thinking, excites the imagination, uses all five senses, and inspires the explorer in all of us. It is a three-dimensional and real-life experience. 

Because some of the most powerful lessons are learned outside the classroom, the Chesapeake Bay watershed is an important component of all CCS classes; science, of course, but also English, math, history and foreign language. We know that combining the classroom with our region's natural resources makes learning fun and lessons stick. 

Christchurch is the only school offering a college-prep program which includes:
  * regional and global immersion trips
  * deep understanding of sustainability issues
  * regular exploration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  * on-campus, oyster aquaculture

Teaching that lasts. Skills that travel. Learning that stays with you. In a place where character matters and the curriculum is alive.


Christchurch School has been named by Virginia Living Magazine as "one of the most innovative programs in VA" in recognition of our oyster restoration work. 

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