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    Ms. Jane Allen 

    Assistant Dean of Students
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    Dr. Michael Heath 

    Dean of Students; Humanities Department Co-Chair
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ESTABLISHED IN the Episcopal tradition, Christchurch is inclusive, welcoming students and faculty members of all faiths and backgrounds. 

BOARDING AND DAY STUDENTS benefit from living and learning in an authentic global community that reflects the larger world. Students learn about other cultures and different perspectives from their classmates and friends. American students might host a Turkish classmate for Thanksgiving, or travel overseas to visit a Chinese roommate during the summer break. Christchurch students from every country gain a greater worldview that will benefit them in any career they choose to pursue, in any location in which they choose to live. 

PARENTS AND FAMILIES are an integral part of the Christchurch community. Many parents volunteer at Christchurch, and day and boarding school parents are always welcome to visit the campus, attend events, or share a meal in the dining hall. 

CHRISTCHURCH ALUMNI remain fast friends long after their school days have ended. From friendships forged in the dorm to inviting your freshman roommate to be your maid of honor, from meeting on the first day of school to gathering at your class reunion, Christchurch forges friendships that last a lifetime. 

CHRISTCHURCH SCHOOL offers the unique opportunity to expand your view and knowledge of the world and, at the same time, become part of a close, supportive community.

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