Christchurch School's online/distance learning program is designed for boarding and day student success

and is available to any Christchurch student, boarding or day, who is unable to travel to campus because of a travel ban, visa issues, and/or health reasons such as quarantine and/or testing positive for or being exposed to Covid-19. 
Our Online Learning program is reliable, easy to understand, and based on community and personal relationships. It combines remote asynchronous courses, which can be accessed at any time and from any time zone, with robust synchronous academic support, which is live and interactive at set times during the day, in order to give the greatest amount of personal choice while accommodating various family situations. Families can expect a reliable top-notch online educational experience that is focused on the individual student, all within a caring and structured community. 


Most online education programs start and end with content, perhaps some amount of time set aside where the student can engage with the instructor, and then the awarding of academic credits. Because it shares the fundamental methods and approach of our on-campus program, Christchurch School’s Online Learning program is NOT your typical online learning experience! Courses at Christchurch are designed around what students need to be able to do at the conclusion of the course, and offer multiple avenues for getting there.  
All Christchurch curriculum courses are available through the Online Learning program. This also includes the school’s  One School House courses. In keeping with the excellence Christchurch is known for and its Mission, the school’s Online Learning program is a rigorous, dynamic, integrated, and innovative academic experience. Learn more about our academics and mastery approach to learning.


Christchurch has been successfully educating students and preparing them for college and beyond for 99 years. You can always rely on a Seahorse! Christchurch school truly does meet each student and family where they are, and the quality of the Christchurch experience will never waiver.

The school's Mission Statement applies to all of its students, both on and off campus. The school’s mission is to guide its students through their self-discovery and mastery of competencies to help them become compassionate, engaged, and successful global citizens. Said differently, the school’s approach to online learning is highly relational, focusing on the unique and infinite value of each student, and meeting them where they are.

Easy to Understand

Christchurch faculty have been trained in online education and how to minimize technology-induced headaches for families and students. Students in our Online Learning program learn remotely through Canvas, the same education platform that all of our students use. Canvas gives the school the ability to teach its students in new ways. Now, students with limited access can download course material and then connect with teachers through both high (video) and low (messaging and text chat) bandwidth ways. It also offers teachers greatly enhanced ways to provide feedback to students. An additional value is that this software is currently in use by many higher education institutions, and so learning it will also help students build familiarity with a program that will be in their future.

Community & Relationships

Online Learning students will take courses from the school's full-time expert faculty and get the benefit of the school's small class sizes. They will also have access to many of the academic and Health & Wellness resources available to the school's on-campus students. These resources also include belonging to an advisory group with other students and a faculty advisor, social emotional support from our expert staff (including our on-site counselor), college counseling, the school's Global Education program, and our renowned Learning Skills Program.

Dear Mr. Byers, 

Now that this semester has ended, I wanted to let you know how much our family has appreciated the extraordinary support and hard work of your faculty and staff during this difficult time. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, they managed to communicate effectively and keep Cameron engaged in his classes. In addition, we so appreciated the weekly postings from Father Scott, the faculty, and especially the Friday video assemblies. There is no substitute for being on campus, but these pictures, videos, and messages helped ease the loss of the personal contact that so characterizes Christchurch School. Thank you to you and all of your faculty and staff for a job well done. 

With much appreciation, 
Helen and George (day student parents)

Good Afternoon,

This is a long-overdue email to express my incredible gratitude for all that CCS and each of you individually have done to support Maggie this spring. While I am thrilled that she was able to earn excellent grades, I am more impressed with how she was challenged to think critically, develop and implement important new skills, and maintain connections with the community that she loves (and that continues to challenge her to be the very best version of herself). 

As an educator, I have witnessed firsthand how this pandemic has affected administrators, teachers, and students. In many instances, students' academic and emotional needs have been abandoned because it was simply too hard, too inconvenient, too overwhelming to find or adapt the tools needed under the circumstances. As a teacher and parent (Maggie has two siblings in public school), I am both heartbroken and frustrated by the system. I am constantly worried about my students and desperate to find ways to re-engage, reconnect, reteach within our broken system. I feel as if the achievement gap is now as big as the Grand Canyon and growing larger by the day. But I do have hope for the future because of the incredibly hard work that CCS continues to do with students. I believe that you did what so many schools and districts were afraid to even attempt, and in doing so, you have continued to develop and encourage students to be the stewards our world so desperately needs. 

I hope that each of you have a fabulous, restful summer. I look forward to thanking you in person when Maggie returns to campus. 

Becky (boarding student parent)


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  • Setting up Your Space

    Mrs. Meghan McNeill
    Director of Learning Skills Program

    Set up a dedicated learning space for studying. By completing your work there each time, you will begin to establish a routine and stay organized, which is an important key to success. Experiment to discover which type of space boosts your productivity. Also, before making a final choice, make sure there is high-speed internet access so that avoid a slow connection. Making sure that you keep all of your necessary materials and resources in this space will help keep you on track towards hitting your goals. 
    Setting Up Your Space
  • Accountability: Rewards, Friends, Reminders

    Dr. Taylor Clements
    Director of Innovation and Design

    Learn how to stay on-task and accountable while learning remotely online. Hint: Fun rewards and friends can provide both motivation as well as crucial reminders and positive mutual reinforcement.

    Accountability in the Digital Environment
  • Accountability: Helpful Tools

    Mrs. Jessica Miller
    Assistant Dean of Instruction 

    Use normal day-to-day resources like a desktop calendar and planner to help set yourself up for success, day by day, week by week, and month by month. 

    Helpful Tools for Accountability
  • Let's Work Together

    Ms. Katie Kreider
    Math Instructor

    Use the connections you make at Christchurch to unlock the power of working together

    Collaboration in the Digital Environment
  • Relationships: Connections Make Meaning

    Mr. Aaron Alter
    Admission Associate and Director of Global Education

    Relationships make connections, and connections make meaning. Learn how to establish, build, maintain, and navigate these relationships and connections while learning online. 

  • Distance Learning: Measure Your Success!

    Ms. Haley Wilbanks
    Science Instructor

    Who are you as a distance learner? How are you doing? Are you hitting your goals? Learn how to measure your success while learning online. 



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Christchurch School is pleased to partner with Hypothesis for Education, a coalition of some of the world’s leading publishers, platforms, libraries, educational institutions, and technology organizations coming together to create an open, interoperable annotation layer over digital content.

Writing in the margins has always been an essential activity for students. Annotation helps in reading comprehension and in developing critical thinking about course materials. Hypothesis enables students to continue this essential activity with online readings. Digital annotation also offers new affordances, enabling students to respond to text using different media and empowering them to collaborate on understanding and developing ideas about their readings.

Hypothesis for Education

Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031