"I'm not sure why the Episcopal Church
chose this site ...

maybe God just said, trust me."

Arch Harrison '43


A 125-acre, waterfront campus on the Rappahannock River in the Chesapeake Bay watershed allows Christchurch School to offer an educational experience and a lifestyle found at no other school in the United States. 

The Rappahannock serves as a hands-on classroom and laboratory, a challenging recreational venue, and a tranquil chapel. The river and waterfront are the setting for class outings, academic field research, leadership training events, and colorful sailing regattas, as well as the backdrop for moments of quiet contemplation. 

Nestled in this idyllic setting an hour's drive from the nearest large city, the Christchurch campus is refreshingly free of distractions. Students are inspired by the natural beauty of the river and immersed in the lessons it has to teach. 

This iconic riverside setting is symbolic of the Christchurch School experience itself - a constant, guiding influence that is both timeless and always evolving.

Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031