Hall of Fame


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  • Brent Heath '64

    Brent Heath '64 is one of the world's leading experts on flowering bulb horticulture. He operates his international business from Gloucester County, VA and also has an extensive operation in Holland. Moreover, Brent has an encyclopedic knowledge of flowers, lectures widely on gardening, and he is a leader in pesticide-free gardening.
  • Andy Nea '59

    As a retired attorney, Andy Nea '59 has helped thousands of individuals with pro bono legal advice. In the last decade alone, he has helped over 660 people each year in the Richmond, VA metro area. Andy continues to devote considerable time serving those who truly need an advocate. His example of service inspires us all.
  • Micah Keller '08

    Micah Keller '08 achieved extraordinary success on the athletic fields during his time at Christchurch, earning honors in soccer and lacrosse, and also playing football and soccer in the same season. While a student at Hampden-Sydney College, Micah earned Honorable Mention All-ODAC his freshman year, and First Team All-ODAC and All-State his sophomore year. As a junior, he earned All-ODAC and All-State honors and was an Honorable Mention All-American. In his senior year, he was a candidate for National Attack Man-of-the-Year and was recognized as an All-American Honorable Mention.
  • 2011 Football Team

    The 2011 football team was undefeated and decisively won the VISAA Division II State Championship title. Several players from the team went on to play college sports.


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  • Fielding Crawford '99

    Coach, Educator, Athlete

    Fielding Crawford is the head lacrosse coach at Atlee High School, in Hanover County, VA, where he led the varsity to three consecutive championship appearances in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Fielding has worked extensively with youth lacrosse in both club and school programs throughout Virginia and North Carolina, including Lafayette High School in Williamsburg and Deep Run in Richmond. In conjunction with North Meets South Lacrosse, a group dedicated to growing and developing lacrosse in the greater Richmond, Jacksonville and Melbourne areas, he founded the central Virginia travel team Venom Lacrosse Club. Fielding spent two years as the offensive coordinator for the University of Richmond’s Men’s lacrosse team, guiding it to two successful seasons with a record of 15-9.
    As a junior at CCS, attackman Fielding broke the single-season assist record (66) as well as the single season points record (120). As a senior, he was captain of the team and leading scorer. He earned All-Prep, All-State and All-American status. Fielding played for two years at the University of Delaware before transferring to East Carolina University where he earned a degree in History Education. As a Seahorse, he also sailed, and served as a prefect, a student ambassador, and member of the honor society.
  • Roger Moorman '39

    Sailor, Merchant Marine, Inventor of the Mobjack

    Roger Moorman is revered in the international sailing community as a fiberglass pioneer who produced some of the nation’s first GRP sailboat hulls in the 1950s. Following his tour of duty as a second officer and Chief Gunnery officer in WWII, Roger pursued his desire to produce a superior performing boat. He designed wooden sailboats (Windmill, Raven) and ultimately designed and built the Mobjack, a 17-foot planing hull boat that was self-rescuing. The boat was double-hulled (with his singular, superior fiberglass design), unsinkable and the first self-bailing vessel. Even with these features, the Mobjack weighed nearly four hundred pounds less than other boats of similar size. This was revolutionary and made it a fast boat with superior safety attributes. Roger held patents in both England and Canada. His company, Mobjack Manufacturing, operated in the 1950s, 60s and 70s and produced over 900 Mobjacks. Moorman sold his company to Browning Arms Company in 1965. He also co-designed the Nomad and the Skipjack.
    Roger attended the US Naval Academy, where he lettered in gymnastics. Though sailing was always his passion, as a Seahorse he also played football and baseball, and he was a student photographer. He died in 2012 at the age of 90.
  • Ward "Buck" Scull '61

    Businessman, Daily Press Citizen-of-the-Year, Community Advocate

    Ward “Buck” Scull is President of Virginia Transfer and Storage, a company that was founded in 1895 by his grandfather. When one of his employees approached him for help in digging out of a spiraling payday loan debt situation, Ward became increasingly concerned what he saw as the injustice of payday lending. Not only did he help his employee, but he went a step further and launched a campaign to limit the practice of payday loans. He started from scratch, learning how the legislative process works and becoming an increasingly effective advocate. After several years of his work, an APR cap of 36% was legislated. In other, quiet good works, Ward partnered with an archaeology professor from William & Mary to purchase Big Island, at the mouth of the York River, preserving it as a snapshot in time of the history of the men and women of the Guinea Marshes. In 2008, Ward was named Daily Press Citizen-of-the-Year in recognition of his commitment to a worthy cause and personal effort to improve the lives of others. The Virginia General Assembly would go on to commend him in a public resolution of respect for his hard work and community involvement.
    As a Seahorse, Ward Scull was a monitor, editor of The Seahorse, and a senior warden.
    He graduated from Duke University and University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.  


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  • The Reverend George Morris ’82

    In March of 2010, the Reverend George Morris was named team Chaplain for the University of Virginia football program. He currently serves as chaplain to both the football and basketball teams, and leads the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry. As team chaplain, he provides pastoral care not only for the players, but for the coaches and administrators, as well as their families.
    While the head coach at UVA, Mike London (current Howard University HC) wrote of Morris, he is “a stellar member of the community, a man of character and caring, a life character coach for countless players and coaches not only at UVA, but in and around the greater university and Charlottesville community. Current coach Bronco Mendenhall adds that Morris “has devoted his life to the spiritual well-being of others.” UVA Head Basketball Coach Tony Bennett says of Morris, “his faith and joy are contagious.”
    Prior to his work with UVA, Morris was lead pastor of churches in Mathews and Middlesex County, and is the author of Work Ethics in Training: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Manual. He was the host of Huddle, the Christian Sports Radio talk show on WRAR from 2006-10.
  • Mason Taylor New ’58

    In Mason New’s short life, he was well known not only for his business acumen, but also for his stewardship and service leadership of several educational institutions. After his death in 1996, New was recognized by the Virginia House of Delegates in House Joint Resolution No. 731 as “a man who combined strong family ties, civic responsibility, and a remarkable work ethic … New leaves an enduring legacy of service to his profession and his community.”
    Starting out as a system engineer and marketing representative for IBM, New joined the brokerage firm Branch Cabell in 1969 and was quickly recognized for his efficacy, becoming a partner in 1972 and managing partner in 1975. Although his rise in the banking industry was meteoric, he never lost sight of his civic responsibilities, and served as Chair of the Christchurch School Board of Governors and the Christchurch Foundation, endowing the Mason New Unrestricted Fund as part of the school’s endowment. His chairmanship was at a very challenging time, and because of his leadership and adept consensus-building, Christchurch thrived.
    New served as president of the alumni association and on the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Washington and Lee. In Richmond, he served on the Board of Governors at St. Catherine’s and was president of their foundation.
  • Peter Morris Smith Sr. ’58

    In 1963, Pete Smith was a surfing fanatic at a time when the sport was still merely a curiosity. Born and raised in VA Beach, he and a partner had the entrepreneurial foresight to open Smith and Holland Surf Shop on 22nd Street. They were pioneers in the industry. As young businessmen they had little idea that the surfing scene would become the multi-million dollar sensation that it did. Smith quickly became a tourist favorite, and “Pete Smith’s Surf Shop” t-shirts were a hot commodity. He became “the voice” of East Coast surfing, announcing at events up and down the boardwalk. His special style and achievements, in both the sport and the business, were central to the transformation of Virginia Beach into a major east coast surfing mecca. He played a huge role in relocating a major surfing contest from NY to VA Beach, a move that resulted in the longest continuous-running surfing event in the US and the second longest in the world.
    In 1996, Pete Smith was inducted into the Greg Noll East Coast Surf Legends Hall of Fame. He remains an iconic figure in East Coast surfing, and surf shops along the Mid-Atlantic Coast still bear his name. In a 2014 Virginian-Pilot article, Lee Tolliver wrote that Pete Smith is “an ambassador for all that is good about the sport” of surfing.
    To this day, the surfboard on which Smith learned to surf hangs over the exit of Freedom Surf Shop on Laskin Road.

HALL OF FAME Class of 2016

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  • Andrew Monroe Rice '92

    Andrew Monroe Rice graduated in the Christchurch School class of 1992. Andrew was a three (3) year boarding student who played football, indoor track, and lacrosse. Andrew was great leader for those teams and everyone looked up to him. Andrew was a prefect who won the Dan Nolan Award and the Bishop’s Award upon his graduation. Andrew was recruited for football by NC State, William and Mary, James Madison University, and Colby College, where he attended. In college he focused on Lacrosse and played midfield. His senior year he was selected as a Senior Scholar. He went to graduate school at Harvard University’s Divinity School, and played intramural basketball. Andrew was elected into the Oklahoma Senate on November 2006 and was a member until January 15, 2012, in which he resigned citing an out-of-state career opportunity for his wife. Andrew continues to work in the non-profit sector of Oklahoma City.
  • Edward Meeks (Pope) Gregory

    Edward (Pope) Meeks Gregory dedicated his life to advocating in helping the disenfranchised. During his early years Pope attended an Episcopal high school and attended University of Virginia. World War II interrupted Pope’s education. He then volunteered for the U.S. Army Medical Corp. He was awarded Bronze Star for Valor in Action. Soon thereafter he received his degree from UVA, then taught at Staunton Military Academy and Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. The priesthood called and he obtained a Masters Degree in Theology from Episcopal Theological School and a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of The South.
    Pope was active in the Civil Rights Movement while he was the assistance minister at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. He then became the Vicar at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church both of Richmond Virginia. He was President of the Richmond-Petersburg Council on Human Relations.
    Pope spent the last ten years of his life as Chaplain at Christchurch School where he conducted a daily service in the chapel. Pope loved and was loved by all.
  • John Battle Stock '58

    John Battle Stock graduated in the Christchurch School class of 1958. John was a four (4) year boarding student who played basketball and golf each year and was active in many various student clubs. John went on to Washington College where he may be the only Christchurch graduate to have lettered in three (3) different sports (soccer, basketball and golf) during his college career. John has been running a landscape contracting and wholesale nursery company for over 45 years and developed and founded one of the top five golf course in Maryland (Members Club at Four Streams). John has been an active member of the Class Agent Program at Christchurch since his graduation and has just finished an 8-year membership on the Christchurch School Alumni Council.
  • John Page Williams

    The Reverend John Page Williams became an Episcopal Priest in 1935 and began his long life career in education as a teacher and then headmaster. In 1951 he became the Dean of Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia, and held that position until his retirement in 1975. As Dean of Church Schools he seemed to have a particular fondness for Christchurch School. His strong support on several occasions played a critical role in Christchurch’s growth during the decade of the 1970’s. In 1978 while in retirement he accepted the position of Chairman of the Christchurch Board of Governors and served until 1980. John Page Williams happily wagered on Christchurch’s success. As a result, Christchurch continues its good works.
  • Mr. John Battle Stock '58

    John Battle Stock graduated in the Christchurch School class of 1958. John was a four (4) year boarding student who played basketball and golf each year and was active in many various student clubs. John went on to Washington College where he may be the only Christchurch graduate to have lettered in three (3) different sports (soccer, basketball and golf) during his college career. John has been running a landscape contracting and wholesale nursery company for over 45 years and developed and founded one of the top five golf course in Maryland (Members Club at Four Streams). John has been an active member of the Class Agent Program at Christchurch since his graduation and has just finished an 8-year membership on the Christchurch School Alumni Council.
  • The Reverend John G. Scott and Emma Scott-Taylor

    • The Reverend John G. Scott and Emma Scott-Taylor and The William H. - John G. - Emma Scott Foundation have been steadfast donors to Christchurch School since 1929. Their loyal and dedicated support has been instrumental in developing the Christchurch School campus to what it is today. Their generous giving has provided the funds to build and/or renovate more than half of the main school buildings on campus. These buildings include the Headmaster’s House, St. Peter’s Chapel, Marston Hall, Bishop Brown Hall, Scott/Taylor Administrative Building, Phipps Fieldhouse, and Murrell and Scott Residence Halls. Their philanthropic endeavors have also provided financial aid to students throughout the years through The William H. - John G. - Emma Scott Foundation. We are proud to honor them for their vision and philanthropic support, which has not only transformed the Christchurch School campus, but also the lives of countless Christchurch students over the last 95 years.


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  • Mr. F. Davis Drumheller '60

    F. Davis Drumheller Jr., Class of 1960, earned eleven letters in football, basketball, track, and baseball during his four years at Christchurch. Dave served as captain of the basketball team for three years. He was the recipient of the Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award. He is also only one of three Christchurch students to twice earn the Best All-Around Athletic Award in the 62-year history of the Award.
  • Mr. Gerald L. Cooper '53

    Gerald L. Cooper, Class of 1953, has dedicated his entire professional career to education, recognizing that education is the key to enabling each of us to fulfill his or her potential and thereby contribute to the general welfare of others, the community, and the country. Mr. Cooper continues to devote considerable time serving those less privileged who need an advocate. His example of service inspires all. Mr. Cooper is also the author of "On Scholarship: From An Empty Room at Princeton" the insightful memoir of a lifetime spent as an educator and advocate for access to education.
  • Mr. Travis A. Beauchamp '95

    Travis A. Beauchamp, Class of 1995, achieved extraordinary success on the athletic field during each of his four years at Christchurch, earning All Prep honors in soccer, baseball and indoor track. While a student at Washington College Travis earned All-Centennial Conference recognition in soccer and baseball. He continues as the successful head men’s soccer coach at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.


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  • Mr. Joseph C. Cameron Jr.

    Joseph C. Cameron Jr. served Christchurch School from 1928 to 1973 as chef, mentor, confessor and friend. He fed our bodies and nourished our souls. His loyalty and devotion to Christchurch and his boys led generations of students to call him “Mr. Christchurch.”
  • Mr. Leavenworth M. Ferrell '59

    Leavenworth M. Ferrell (1955-1959), known to all as Wortie, was a four-year starter and quarterback on the Christchurch football team and a two-year captain of that team. He was a starter and two year captain of the soccer team. He also lettered in track. Wortie was a fierce competitor and great leader, making each team better than its individual parts.
  • Mr. Robert M. Yarbrough Jr.

    A master English instructor who loved the written and spoken word, Robert M. Yarbrough Jr. served as the 9th Headmaster of Christchurch from 1958 to 1971. He put the School, for the first time, on a sound financial footing, greatly expanded School facilities and the size of the student body, and lifted the academic prestige of Christchurch. Known as “The Hawk” because he observed everything, he was loved and admired by his students.
  • Ms. Madeleine E. Przybyl '08

    Perhaps the finest all-around athlete in Christchurch history, Madeleine E. Przybyl (2004-2008) won All State Honors in basketball (4 years), volleyball (2 years) and soccer (1 year) and holds many School records. A leader on and off the court, Madeleine always exhibited great character, dedication, energy and support for her teammates.


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  • Lt. Lewis B. Puller Jr. '63

    Lewis Puller, class of 1963, attended Christchurch School from 1959-1963. Lewis was a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, attorney, and Pulitzer Prize winning author of the autobiography, "Fortunate Son."
    Lewis was a top student, athlete and student leader at Christchurch School. 

    After Christchurch, he graduated from the College of William and Mary. Lewis became a Marine Corps officer who served in Vietnam and sustained critical injuries in an explosion in October of 1968. In his brief active service, Lewis earned the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, the Navy Commendation Medal and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.

    Following his discharge from the Marine Corps, Lewis completed law school and served as an attorney for the United States Department of Defense. He was active in the field of veteran's rights.

    Lewis Puller's autobiography tells the story of his Vietnam service, the explosion that wounded him, and his recovery from the physical and emotional trauma of that experience for which he won the Pulitzer Prize for his autobiography in 1992 for “Fortunate Son.”
  • Mr. Daniel T. Nolan

    Dan Nolan arrived at Christchurch School in the summer of 1979 as a new faculty member bringing with him an exceptional high school and college athletic career. Dan excelled in both football and lacrosse playing on all-star and championship teams, plus receiving the Most Valuable Player award in Lacrosse and the Most Athletic award in high school. Dan always did what was best for the team, and he brought that marvelous spirit with him to Christchurch.
    Dan embodied everything good at Christchurch School as a coach, mentor, teacher, advisor, friend and family man. He gave his best and expected the best of his students and colleagues. Dan loved Christchurch and genuinely cared about those around him. He was always ready with a kind gesture, a contagious smile and an encouraging word. Dan served the community of Christchurch from 1979 to 1992. Every spring Christchurch School hosts the Daniel T. Nolan Lacrosse Tournament in memory of Dan, a man of integrity, humility, empathy and humor.
  • Mr. Edward M. Smith '33

    • Ed Smith, Class of 1933, attended Christchurch from the fall of 1927 until graduation in 1933.
      After graduation from Christchurch Ed attended Randolph-Macon College, Virginia Military Institute and the University of Virginia. Thereafter, he earned a law degree from National Law School (now part of George Washington University.) He served in the army’s Chemical Corps during World War II and later in the Air Force Reserved, retiring as a Major. He began his law practice in Arlington, Virginia and was also a partner in a residential and commercial real estate management firm and served on several boards.
      Indications of the numerous ways Ed served others are found in his commitment to the Episcopal Church’s outreach. He was a trustee of Church Schools and Virginia Theological Seminary. He served as chairman of the boards of the Virginia Diocesan Home and of Goodwin House, which Ed was also instrumental in founding.
      During the second half of the 80’s decade, Ed employed his positions on the Church School Board and the Christchurch School’s Foundation to facilitate the renovation and restoration efforts for Christchurch. In addition to placing his reputation on the line, Ed gave his time talent and resources. In addition to his countless generous gifts, Ed purchased two homes contiguous to the Christchurch School campus along on the river for the school to be used as faculty homes.
      Ed Smith was a member of the leadership generation in the Commonwealth of Virginia who dedicated themselves to service of others, as such, his outreach extended far beyond Christchurch School.
  • Mr. Jonathan I. Williams '06

    John is an extraordinary athlete and a model individual. John brought his love of basketball to Christchurch School where he was an all-conference and all-state honoree. He lettered in basketball, crew, soccer and golf. John earned the Most Valuable Player award, was all-conference and all-tourney in the John Stone Memorial Tournament, the Atlantic Shores Invitational Tourney and the Virginia Prep League Tournament. John earned Most Valuable Player of the Virginia Prep League and in his senior year he earned first-team honors and led the Seahorses to a #5 Virginia ranking.
    While earning a degree in Business Management at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, John was heralded as “one of the most exciting players in the Big South Conference.” John topped the Big South in shooting percentage and was regularly named Big South Player of the Week.


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  • Admiral John W. Craine Jr. '64

    John Craine served 33 years in the United States Navy, where he was the Director of Naval Training, Director of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Chief of Naval Education and Training, and President of State University of New York Maritime College. John has received the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, three Legion of Merit awards, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy-Marine Achievement Medal, Navy Expeditionary Medal, and two National Defense Service medals. John served as the President of the Board of Governors for Christchurch School from July 2006 to June 2008.
  • Dr. William E. Easterling III '72

    Bill Easterling is recognized as a world leader in developing novel solutions to challenges such as achieving energy security, sustaining a viable planetary life support system, developing profoundly new materials to meet societal needs, and learning how changing human goals and values will influence the scientific questions of the future. Bill is an internationally recognized expert on how global warming will likely affect the earth's food supply, and was a lead author/contributor to a report on the effects of climate change, commissioned by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC was co-recipient with Al Gore of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Bill's efforts were hailed for providing comprehensive and objective information to better understand the scientific basis of human-induced climate change, its potential impact, and options for adaptation and mitigation.
  • Mr. Renard P. Stevens '02

    Renard Stevens was a two-time National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 2 All-American at West Liberty State University, where he set a record for receptions as a junior and broke it as a senior: 140 receptions in two years. Renard signed a National Football League contract in 2007, had a brief stint with the New York Jets, and signed to Team Alabama of theAll American Football League in March 2008 before the league folded. As a Christchurch School student, Renard started for four years as quarterback, played defensive back and returned kicks and punts, compiling a combined 4,077 all-purpose yards and 29 all-purpose touchdowns. Renard's athletic success brought national recognition to Christchurch School's athletic program.
  • Mr. William H. Dabney '53

    Bill Dabney served three years in the United States Marine Corps, then entered Virginia Military Institute where he graduated in 1960. Bill re-entered the U.S. Marines as a Second Lieutenant and began an exemplary career. Bill was awarded the Silver Star and the Navy Cross by the President of the United States for his "extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry" in Vietnam, for his actions from January 21 to April 14, 1968. The President's citation concludes: "Colonel Dabney contributed decisively to ultimate victory in the Battle of Khe Sanh, and ranks among the most heroic stands of any American force in history. By his valiant combat leadership, exceptional bravery, and selfless devotion to duty, Colonel Dabney reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service."


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  • Mr. William Clark Styron Jr. '42

    The recipient has made significant contributions as an American novelist and essayist. He won major literary awards including the prestigious Rome Prize, awarded by the American Academy in Rome and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is most famous for his Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1968 for Sophie’s Choice and the William Dean Howell medal in 1970 for The Confessions of Nat Turner. We are all proud of your achievements and honored to have you as one of our own.
  • Mr. William G. Broaddus '61

    The recipient has made significant strides in law over the last 50 years. Throughout his career, he has served as Law Clerk for the State of Virginia Supreme Court, Assistant Attorney General, Attorney for Henrico County Virginia, Chef Deputy Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and is a fellow of both the Virginia Law Foundation and the American Bar Foundation. The entire Christchurch family is very proud of all your achievements and honored to have you as one of our own.
  • Mr. William H. Street III '52

    1947-48 - Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Basketball; Junior Varsity
    1948-49 - Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Monogram
    Club. President of Third Form: Student Council; Headmaster's List; PX
    1949-50 - Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Monogram
    Club. Vice President of Fourth Form; Finals Committee; PX Committee.
    1950-51 - Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Monogram
    Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Monitor; CS Players; Fishing Club; Headmaster's
    1951-52 - Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Monogram
    Club, Vice-President; Monitor; Most Valuable Back Award.

HOF Class of 2009

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  • Edward "Pushie" W. Cather II '54

    Varsity letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. MVP Lineman award junior year, co-captain in all three sports his senior year. Dick McDonagh award of Best All Around Athlete senior year, most valuable back in football senior year - Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award senior year. Vice President of Monogram club senior year.
  • Ms. Claudia "Marcie" M. Soucek '00

    Marcie lettered Three years in Girl's Varsity Field Hockey. Hustle Award (three). Lettered three year in Girl's Varsity Basketball. Most Valuable Player Award (three years). All Tournament Trinity Invitational (10th grade). Basketball Team. Most Valuable Player at the Christchurch School Invitational Tournament (senior year). Lettered three years in Girl's Varsity Tennis. Most Improved Award. Singles and Doubles Runner up of the Virginia Commonwealth Conference (VCC). Coach's Award and Singles and Doubles Runner up of VCC (junior year). Most Valuable Player and Doubles Champion of VCC (senior year). Jason Soucek Athletic Leadership Award.


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  • Coach Grover Jones 1955-1960

    (Awarded posthumously)
    Coach for football, basketball and golf. Also inducted into Hall of Fame for Virginia State.
  • Mr. Ed Rand '79

    Track – undefeated in the 880 for two years in tri and dual meets (earned twelve varsity letters); took second place in the State Championship 880; won Duke-Durham Relays (total of four races over two years); set school record in half mile and mile; All-State in cross-country; won Christchurch School Track Award in 1970.
  • Mr. Jeff Cross '66

    Football – two varsity letters; touchdown reception for 90 yards vs. VES in 1965 (school record at time); Track – two varsity letters; in his day set three school records in 100, 200 and 440-yard dashes; member of mile relay team that holds school record; won 60 and 300-yard dash at Richmond Times-Dispatch Invitational in 1966; won 100 and 220-yard dashes and finished second in 440 in 1965 and 1966 State Prep meets.
  • Mr. Sam Williams '76

    Track. Football. Basketball: in his day set school record in basketball for scoring and rebounds in a single game (47 points and 22 rebounds); First Team All-Conference and All-Tournament in Virginia Prep League basketball; also led conference in scoring; selected as Dick McDonaugh Best All-Around Athlete (junior and senior year).
  • Mr. Tom Henderson '70

    Ten varsity letters; captain of varsity Football team (senior year); captain of varsity Soccer team (junior and senior years); captain of varsity Baseball team (senior year); Best Lineman Award (senior year); Soccer MVP Award (junior and senior years); Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award (junior year). Highest Batting Average (senior year).


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  • Mr. Howard Nester Soucek '66

    Eleven Varsity letters at Christchurch. Babe Ruth Foundation Sportsmanship Award (twice). Three-sport Captain for Football, Soccer and Track teams.
  • Mr. William "Bill" Brill '48

    • The 6-man Football team that Brill played for in ’46 went undefeated then in ’47, represented Christchurch in the state 6-man football championship. Brill once drop-kicked a field goal from the opponent’s 6" line
  • The Reverend Robert S. Phipps 1984-1994

    1984-1994; Christchurch School Headmaster
    Current; Coach, Mentor
    From the 1994 TIDES, dedicated to Headmaster Robert S. Phipps, Jr. "You have led us through ten years of progress with courage, strength, faith and greatness of heart. We thank you for all that we have done together at Christchurch School."


List of 4 items.

  • Col. William A. Nunn Jr.

    Coach and friend for 21 years at Christchurch School. Coached Soccer and Track. He was loved as a coach, master, model and mentor by Christchurch students. The lower soccer field was named in honor of Coach Nunn.
  • Mr. Arthur "Laurie" Lipscomb '65

    Co-Captain – Football and Track - senior year. Football: fullback and linebacker. Led team in scoring junior and senior years. Track: co-captain of 1965 team that place third in the Virginia State meet. Track team was ranked 3rd in Virginia (among all high schools) and at the time set the mile relay record of 3:24 at St. Christopher's School.
  • Mr. I. Edward Trotter '49

    Varsity Football. Varsity Baseball. Varsity Basketball. Intramural, Team Captain. Voted "Best Athlete" by senior class.
  • Mr. John Rucker '67

    Three years in football and track. Dick McDonagh award Best All Around Athlete, sportsmanship award, and president of the Varsity Club senior year.


List of 7 items.

  • Coach Albert E. McCue 1963-1973

    (Award posthumously)
    Head Football Coach
  • Mr James L. Chavasse '39

    Football, Basketball, and Tennis. Member of the Monogram Club '39
  • Mr. Frank L. Henson '69

    Four-year letter winner. Earned 13 Varsity letters. Batted .474 his junior year in Baseball. Averaged 20 points per game over four years in varsity Basketball. Scored 13 TD's in 1966. Captain of three varsity sports: Baseball (1 yr), Basketball (2 yr), and Football (3 yr). Awards: Bill Brill Baseball Award, Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award (2), "Best Back" (3), and recipient of the Dick McDonagh Best Athlete Award.
  • Mr. Joseph B. Farrar '65

    Junior: Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award, Football MVP. Senior: Dick McDonagh Best Athlete Award, Three-sport Captain for Football, Soccer, and Track. Football - Halfback/Strong Safety. Football MVP. Winter Soccer team MVP. Track team was ranked 3rd in Virginia (among all high schools) and at the time set the mile relay record of 3:24 at St. Christopher's School.
  • Mr. Louis H.S. Pakula '80

    JV Football, Most Improved 1978. Varsity Soccer, starter. Varsity Lacrosse: Team Captain, All-State Midfield 1980. Varsity Football: Captain 1980. Winner, Dick McDonagh Outstanding Athlete Award 1980
  • Mr. Randolph S. O'Neill '82

    Soccer 1981-82, All-Prep, All-State, Team MVP
    Winter Soccer goalie, 1980-1981, voted Most Talented
    Bollingbrook Soccer Tournament, All-Tourney Team
    Winner, Dick McDonagh Outstanding Athlete Award 1982
  • Mr. Samuel K. Wallace '57

    Varsity Football 1954-56. Varsity Basketball 1954-1957 (Captain, 56-57). Varsity Basketball, high scorer 1954-55 season. Varsity Golf 1954-1957. Varsity Track 1956-1957. Offered a basketball scholarship to Randolph-Macon College


List of 8 items.

  • 1990-91 Varsity Basketball Team

    State Champs 
    Season Record: 30-3
  • Coach Dick "Red" Working

    Coached Football, Basketball and Baseball. 1949-1954
  • Mr. Archibald Soucek '61

    Varsity Club. Captain, Varsity Football and Varsity Soccer. Track.
  • Mr. Clifford Lace Asbury '70

    (Awarded posthumously)
    Accomplished athlete in Football, Basketball and Baseball. Spearheaded the establishment of the Christchurch Hall of Fame.
  • Mr. David "Pinky" Henderson '62

    Winner of Bill Brill Baseball Award 1961
  • Mr. Dean Hall '92

    Participated in Track, Lacrosse and Wrestling. Christchurch first All-American in Wrestling, #5 in the nation, and undefeated for two years.
  • Mr. Eric Antonsanti '95

    Received 12 letters in Varsity sports at Christchurch. Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award, John Harris Stone Memorial Scholarship Award (3 times), Freshman: year season opener first career high school game scored 11 points. Varsity Baseball Batting average @ 301. Sophomore: Basketball team captain and season MVP. On the Prep league champion baseball team with a batting average @ 295. Junior: Basketball Team Captain, Best All Prep Rebounder, All Tournament Team, and VA Prep MVP. Baseball batted @304. Senior: 4th Varsity Cross County letter, Who's who in sports, Basketball: 4th letter, Captain, Season MVP, Virginia all Prep. Baseball: 4th varsity letter in. Earned the clean up hitter position, with 5 HR's and a batting average @300.
  • Mr. Jesse Hinson '56

    Four years in football, basketball, and baseball. One year pole vaulted, four years monogram club, junior year most valuable football back, co-captain football and basketball senior year.  Dick McDonagh award for Best All Around Athlete senior year.  Most Valuable Player in baseball senior year.

Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031