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The Christchurch School Hall of Fame: Life Time Achievements, Honor Achievements and Athletic Achievements.

As Christchurch School approaches her own century mark, we embark on a new process of recognizing the past and celebrating some memorable alumni/ae. We have studied the impact on our community, and the significant effort involved with such an undertaking. We believe it is this program that will build strong bonds between the proud past of Christchurch, and the exciting future.

Our first goal is to celebrate our history and accomplishments. Christchurch school has a rich history of competitive athletics, and high achievements of our graduates. We will endeavor to recognize those men and women who have truly given of themselves while as a student and have continued after Christchurch by achieving and accomplishing life challenges, as well as making a mark on society and the people around them.

We also know that in order to bring us to a higher level of recognition among our friends in independent education, we must raise our ability to offer the best in a college preparatory experience. It is simply the right time to reach for the stars. Our Hall of Fame will help to remind us of our past and also celebrate today with the accomplishments alumni have achieved both at Christchurch and in their lives since graduation.

   **If you would like to nominate (please use nomination form) or contact the Hall of Fame Committee, please do so by email at: HallOfFame_Committee@christchurchschool.org

Hall of Fame Committee

Chair, Bobby Cone '61, Richmond, VA
Nelson Williams '61, Richmond, VA
Bev Williams '62, McLean, VA
Sam Williams '76, Riverdale, MD
John Fleet '90, Mathews, VA
Matt Fleet '92, Hartfield, VA
Shawn Handley '92, Richmond, VA
Andrew Lengua '94, Glenn Allen, VA
Deljuan Mitchell '98, Strafford, VA
Marcie Eberline '00, Urbanna, VA
Kendall Webre '01, Richmond, VA

Ed Homer, History Teacher, Head Football Coach, Christchurch, VA
Huntley Galleher, Associate Director of Development, Christchurch, VA

Please help us celebrate and recognize past accomplishments and also high achievement after Christchurch. Our legacy is strong. Let us recognize those who have stood out among the Christchurch family.

We encourage you to nominate a former Christchurch graduate for this prestigious award by contacting a member of the Hall of Fame Committee or Download the Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

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Join us on October 21, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in Marston Hall to induct our new Hall of Fame Members.


In March of 2010, the Reverend George Morris was named team Chaplain for the University of Virginia football program. He currently serves as chaplain to both the football and basketball teams, and leads the Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry. As team chaplain, he provides pastoral care not only for the players, but for the coaches and administrators, as well as their families.
While the head coach at UVA, Mike London (current Howard University HC) wrote of Morris, he is “a stellar member of the community, a man of character and caring, a life character coach for countless players and coaches not only at UVA, but in and around the greater university and Charlottesville community. Current coach Bronco Mendenhall adds that Morris “has devoted his life to the spiritual well-being of others.” UVA Head Basketball Coach Tony Bennett says of Morris, “his faith and joy are contagious.”
Prior to his work with UVA, Morris was lead pastor of churches in Mathews and Middlesex County, and is the author of Work Ethics in Training: Youth Empowerment and Leadership Manual. He was the host of Huddle, the Christian Sports Radio talk show on WRAR from 2006-10.


In Mason New’s short life, he was well known not only for his business acumen, but also for his stewardship and service leadership of several educational institutions. After his death in 1996, New was recognized by the Virginia House of Delegates in House Joint Resolution No. 731 as “a man who combined strong family ties, civic responsibility, and a remarkable work ethic … New leaves an enduring legacy of service to his profession and his community.”
Starting out as a system engineer and marketing representative for IBM, New joined the brokerage firm Branch Cabell in 1969 and was quickly recognized for his efficacy, becoming a partner in 1972 and managing partner in 1975. Although his rise in the banking industry was meteoric, he never lost sight of his civic responsibilities, and served as Chair of the Christchurch School Board of Governors and the Christchurch Foundation, endowing the Mason New Unrestricted Fund as part of the school’s endowment. His chairmanship was at a very challenging time, and because of his leadership and adept consensus-building, Christchurch thrived.
New served as president of the alumni association and on the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Washington and Lee. In Richmond, he served on the Board of Governors at St. Catherine’s and was president of their foundation.


In 1963, Pete Smith was a surfing fanatic at a time when the sport was still merely a curiosity. Born and raised in VA Beach, he and a partner had the entrepreneurial foresight to open Smith and Holland Surf Shop on 22nd Street. They were pioneers in the industry. As young businessmen they had little idea that the surfing scene would become the multi-million dollar sensation that it did. Smith quickly became a tourist favorite, and “Pete Smith’s Surf Shop” t-shirts were a hot commodity. He became “the voice” of East Coast surfing, announcing at events up and down the boardwalk. His special style and achievements, in both the sport and the business, were central to the transformation of Virginia Beach into a major east coast surfing mecca. He played a huge role in relocating a major surfing contest from NY to VA Beach, a move that resulted in the longest continuous-running surfing event in the US and the second longest in the world.
In 1996, Pete Smith was inducted into the Greg Noll East Coast Surf Legends Hall of Fame. He remains an iconic figure in East Coast surfing, and surf shops along the Mid-Atlantic Coast still bear his name. In a 2014 Virginian-Pilot article, Lee Tolliver wrote that Pete Smith is “an ambassador for all that is good about the sport” of surfing.
To this day, the surfboard on which Smith learned to surf hangs over the exit of Freedom Surf Shop on Laskin Road.

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