"It's a fresh curriculum that brings the world to the classroom and the classroom to the world."
Jeb Byers, Headmaster

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Each academic department has carefully constructed its courses to connect with other disciplines and the larger curriculum

(to build relevance and relationships) and to identity core discipline skills and content for mastery (to ensure rigor). Each department thus has exit skills defined by grade level and by course, to ensure that students are well-prepared for the next academic year, for standardized tests, and for college admission and completion. Each department considers the standards outlined by the the appropriate national councils, as well as state standards, in developing departmental curricula, charting specific course content, and reflecting on best teaching practices. While recognizing the benefits of national and state standards as effective guidelines, the departments, as members of a private school community, tailor their curricula to the specific demands of the Christchurch School community.
In addition to the academic departments, teachers at Christchurch work together in grade level teams that include all disciplines. The grade level teams coordinate academic content and exit skills, and ensure students, whether boarding or day, receive the coordinated support they need to succeed.

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