Board of Governors

The Christchurch School Board of Governors is a national board consisting of alumni, parents and friends of the School. Board members serve for a three-year term and over one-half of the board are alumni who have made longstanding contributions to the life of the school.

Mr. Charles N. Andreae III - Chair - Alexandria, VA

Mr. Robert G. Armstrong - Roswell, NM
Mr. Brian R. Bell '96 - Fort Worth, TX
Mrs. Cherbury Hunt Chesser '94 - Vienna, VA
Mr. Robert S. Craine '70 - Dallas, TX
Dr. William E. Easterling III '72 - State College, PA
Mr. Patrick N. Getlein - Glen Allen, VA
Mr. Daniel L. Hargett '93 - Richmond, VA
Mrs. Katherine W. Hetzer - Richmond, VA
Mrs. Lynne Tatum Little - Charlotte, NC
Mr. J. Glenn Little - Easton, MD
Mr. Louis H. S. Pakula '80 - Lutherville, MD
Mr. William C. Powell III '97 - Burlington, NC
Mr. YanQiang Shang - Beijing, China
Mr. Tristan M. Simon '90 - Dallas, TX
Mr. Patrick St. Clair - Richmond, VA
Mr. Scott Sterling - McLean, VA
Mr. John W. Stone Jr. '68 - Kernersville, NC
Mr. William O. Vose - White Stone, VA
The Reverend Oran Warder - Alexandria, VA
Mr. Lawrence L. Webb '93 - Falls Church, VA
Dr. Richard P. Wenzel, M.D. - Richmond, VA
Mrs. Lois Willcox - Great Falls, VA
Mr. E. Carlton Wilton Jr. '70 - Richmond, VA
Mr. Ti Zhao - Beijing, China

Dr. David H. Charlton - President CSDV - White Stone, VA
Mr. Jack H. Broadway Jr. -  Treasurer CSDV - Mechanicsville, VA
Mr. John E. Byers - Head of School – Christchurch, VA
Mrs. Sandy Scott - Treasurer, Christchurch School Foundation - Christchurch, VA

Foundation Board

The Christchurch School Foundation manages the school's endowment as well as real estate that has been gifted to the school.  Trustees of the Foundation meet regularly to decide on investment and spending policy, review investment results, and stay informed on current activities at the school. 

Mr. John Boyd Davis III '70 - President - Raleigh, NC

Mr. John J. Alachnowicz - Irvington, VA
Mr. Paul J. Bennett III '03 - Walkerton, VA
Mr. Albert D. Bugg III '96 - Irvington, VA
Mr. William F. Butler '68 - Manakin-Sabot, VA
Mr. John Boyd Davis III '70 - Raleigh, NC
Mr. R. Eley Duke III '91 - Suffolk, VA
Mr. R. Shawn Handley '92 - Richmond, VA
Mr. Peter J.A. Rourk '87 - Chapel Hill, NC
Mr. Paul Sciacchitano - Weems, VA

Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031