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    Mr. Mark Parsons 

    Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair; Music and Theatre
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    Mrs. Sarah  McCormick 

    Art Instructor
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    Mr.  Michael McNeill 

    Instrumental Music; Chapel Organist

"Art has helped me become a more confident person. I used to be quite the perfectionist, but I've learned to embrace my mistakes, trusting that they were meant to happen. I create abstract painting that I often now refer to as a compilation of mistakes, as my original intentions never seem to carry through. But I've learned to make my mistakes into something new. Art is not only an outlet for me, it's a passion that's allowed me to embrace each part of myself."   Sydney '17

Fine and Performing Arts


VISUAL ARTS students draw inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding the campus, using pen and ink, graphite, or digital technology to present the timeless landscapes in ways never before imagined. Their works might then be presented to other students as the prompt for a creative writing project, proving that one student's art can inspire another's. 

MUSIC brings the school community together for performances by the chapel choir, Cantorion (the signature choral ensemble) and student bands.

THEATRE students bring their diverse backgrounds to the stage, performing Shakespeare in languages from the Bard's own English to Chinese to Spanish for audiences who might not understand every line, but clearly understand the emotion conveyed. 

THE SCHOOL'S ANNUAL PRODUCTION is an original show written and performed entirely by the students. Students develop a theme, write the script, choose the music, and develop the choreography that complements their vision for the performance and its message. Students also design and build the stage sets, design the costumes, serve on the lighting and sound crews, and assist with direction. This provides wonderful opportunities to develop talent and potential, as well as the joy that comes from performing for and connecting with audiences. 

CHRISTCHURCH EQUIPS students to become eloquent speakers and to share their ideas not only on the stage or on the canvas, but also in a college classroom, a job interview, or a boardroom. 

Far more than just teaching students to paint a canvas or fill a role in the school play, the fine arts offered at Christchurch Boarding School offers a wealth of benefits for students. Because the arts help each student find his or her unique voice and share that voice confidently with the world, they boost self-esteem, motivation, creativity, emotional expression, and appreciation of diversity. The arts also teach students to collaborate and connect with others. Multiple studies have shown that participation in the arts fuels positive development in academics, social skills, emotional capabilities, and more — this is why they are such an important part of a comprehensive education at Christchurch School.

The goal of the Visual & Performing Arts Department at Christchurch School is to nurture and promote excellence in the arts with a clear connection to a sense of place, a broader and informed view of world culture, and a passion for artistic integrity.


Music students at Christchurch explore the power of music to stir the brain, and perhaps the soul. Students visit a local care facility for Alzheimer's patients. Each student is paired with a patient, and spends the first visit getting to know that patient. Some patients respond; others simply sit and stare. Each student then compiles a playlist of songs that corresponds with the time in the patient's life that they were a teenager. When students play the music, many of the patients become lucid, some for the first time in years. "When I played the music for Mary, she laughed , and I did, too," Evan Pausic '17 says. "We held hands, and it was joyful. Even if she forgets them, I hope that Mary feels the moments and the music we shared."

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