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    Mark Parsons 

    Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair; Dean of Faculty
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    Sarah  McCormick 

    Art teacher, Visual and Performing Arts department chair

"Art has helped me become a more confident person. I used to be quite the perfectionist, but I've learned to embrace my mistakes, trusting that they were meant to happen. I create abstract painting that I often now refer to as a compilation of mistakes, as my original intentions never seem to carry through. But I've learned to make my mistakes into something new. Art is not only an outlet for me, it's a passion that's allowed me to embrace each part of myself."   Sydney '17
Music students at Christchurch explore the power of music to stir the brain, and perhaps the soul. Students visit a local care facility for Alzheimer's patients. Each student is paired with a patient, and spends the first visit getting to know that patient. Some patients respond; others simply sit and stare. Each student then compiles a playlist of songs that corresponds with the time in the patient's life that they were a teenager. When students play the music, many of the patients become lucid, some for the first time in years. "When I played the music for Mary, she laughed , and I did, too," Evan Pausic '17 says. "We held hands, and it was joyful. Even if she forgets them, I hope that Mary feels the moments and the music we shared."

Fine and Performing Arts

High school music education goes beyond learning to play an instrument or sing a song — it involves concepts such as theory, melody, rhythm, and more. It also fosters a deeper appreciation for the arts and provides an invaluable opportunity for self-expression.
At Christchurch School, our co-ed day and boarding school students enjoy abundant opportunities to practice and develop skill in music because we believe an excellent education is about more than academics alone. Our program not only gives students an enjoyable co-curricular, but it also gives them abundant benefits, including helping them be better prepared for college and beyond.   
Student musical performances unite the entire school, whether it’s our signature choral ensemble Cantorion or the chapel choir hitting the stage. Student bands feature performers from diverse backgrounds who join together to create a sound that’s unlike anything else. At Christchurch School, music plays a major part in our goal of nurturing and promoting excellence and integrity in the arts.

Benefits of Music Education

Fine arts are an integral part of education, not only because they are woven into the fabric of society, but also because of their benefits to students. Research has shown that participating in the arts encourages teamwork, fosters a love of learning, enhances creativity, communicates a sense of student dignity, and offers preparation for the workplace.
Students who attend day or boarding high schools with music opportunities get to develop hidden talents, promoting confidence and self-esteem. They learn to express themselves through singing or playing an instrument, providing a meaningful, creative outlet now and in the future. Plus, when students play publicly, they experience firsthand the joy of performing in front of others — a skill that will serve them in many areas of work and life. Along the way, they are developing their capabilities and expanding their understanding of the world, too.

Why Choose Christchurch School?

Christchurch School is a co-ed private boarding and day school backed by a century of tradition, relationships, and community. We are known for our challenging college prep curriculum that has led 100% of our graduates to be admitted to four-year colleges and universities and our school to be ranked in the top 15% of college-prep schools in America. We also have a diverse student body that includes individuals from 15 states and 14 countries, with 28% of our student population international.
Our campus is in a picturesque location on 125 waterfront acres set on the Rappahannock River in Virginia. It is an ideal setting for gaining a rich and challenging high school education, including music training — and at an affordable price. In addition to our robust music program, we offer many co-curricular activities, from athletics to robotics to nature-oriented opportunities.

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