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      Headmaster's Residence at Christmas

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    Mr. John E. Byers 

    Head of School

"It is the privilege of my life to be the Head of Christchurch School."

Jeb Byers
Dear Friends,
Welcome to Christchurch School.  Here in one of the most beautiful places in the country, we have something unique and powerful happening, and we invite you to be a part of it.
The Christchurch experience is personal, but it is also about community. It is academic, but very much about relationships. It is active and lively, and it also encourages you to think deeply. It is school and home, it is family and community, it is an all absorbing experience that will change your life.
We want to get to know you and what your dreams are. When you come to Christchurch, we meet you where you are and take you as far as you can imagine.  We work through challenges together and find opportunities at every turn.  We use our place on the river, the Chesapeake Bay, local communities and far flung places to teach the lessons that give you the skills you need for life.
Our goal is to give you the confidence to do whatever you imagine and are willing to make happen with hard work. We want you to be sure of yourself so that the future happens on your terms. And we want you to have the resilience you will need in a fast-changing world. Finally, we want to ensure that you understand your own values and beliefs, to give you the strong foundation on which to build a great life.
Along the journey at Christchurch, you will find friends and experiences all over the world, make lifelong connections, and have mentors in every area of life and every area of interest.  Our faculty are experts.  Never again in your life will you find so many people devoted solely to your success, growth, and well-being.
Come visit us at the river, take in the pure air and timeless river, meet the students and faculty who welcome you into this community, and think about how together, we can create a future that is uniquely yours and without limits.

John E. Byers “JEB”
Head of School, Christchurch


Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031