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Performing Arts

Participating in the performing arts is a wonderfully enriching opportunity for many students. Whether through music, drama, or dance, artistic performances can serve as a powerful creative outlet and a place to share one’s unique perspective. If you’re looking for boarding schools with a strong performing arts program, Christchurch School offers extraordinary opportunities.
Our programs include music, theatre, and student-led productions. Each year, theatre students bring their diverse backgrounds to the stage, performing Shakespeare in various languages with enthusiasm and vigor. We also host a yearly, original show written and performed by the students. This provides students the chance to explore scriptwriting, acting, music, stage-building, costuming, sound and lighting, directing, and more — all of which can be particularly impactful in the immersive setting of boarding schools.    
At Christchurch School, we offer our theatre arts programs as part of our overall mission to nurture and promote fine art excellence in boarding schools. Whether singing, acting, or playing music in a show, students can gain the skills and confidence to share their voices boldly and confidently with the world.

The Benefits of Arts Education

The performing arts do more than give students new skills or creative capabilities. In fact, the benefits are so far-reaching as to impact social, emotional, and academic realms. Studies have shown that participating in the arts can help students perform better in math, reading, and writing. Artistic outlets can also give students a greater capacity for self-expression and confidence.
Other benefits include a reignited love of learning, more connection with peers, growth of self-directed learning, a greater understanding of culture, higher overall career goals, and more willingness to take on risks or tackle challenges. Learning to perform in front of others also provides a unique joy that can empower students to be bolder in settings beyond the stage. For all these reasons, performing arts play a valuable role in education at boarding high schools such as ours.

Choose Christchurch School

At Christchurch School, we combine more than 100 years of tradition, community, and relationships to offer a rich, nurturing environment for learning. Our approach to education includes both academics and a wide variety of co-curriculars, such as the performing arts.
Students who come to our private, co-ed boarding and day school benefit from an education in a safe, secure, beautiful setting in Virginia’s River Realm. Whether they’re performing on stage or involved in other afternoon options, our students are developing skills that prepare them to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We are known for our challenging college prep curriculum, diverse student body, and location set on 125 acres on the Rappahannock River in Virginia.  We strive to give students a clear sense of place, a broader view of world culture, and a passion for integrity in the arts.

Christchurch School

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