Mental Health and Performance

Christchurch recognizes the trend of the world right now, and the importance of a holistic mental health and wellness model. CCS is proud to be in the forefront of mental wellness in high schools as one of the first to implement and offer mental performance, in addition to our counseling support services. 

Mr. Max Groen M.ED is our resident Mental Health Counselor and Head of Mental Health and Performance. He is assisted by Mrs. Susan Krall M.ED, our Wellness Counselor. 

Students can either book a session or show up to the counseling center and ask to be seen. Mr. Groen also offers remote services throughout the summer for any students located in the state of Virginia who wish to check in.

  • College athlete, high school boarding student|athlete
  • Masters in Counseling with a concentration in Sport Psychology from Boston University 
  • Worked at Yale University's School of Medicine and Dept. of Psychiatry's therapeutic school for students with social emotional challenges
  • Served as mental performance coach for dozens of teams ranging from high school to NCAA
  • Implemented Mental Performance at Watertown High School, MA
  • Mental Performance consultant with college athletic departments and teams

"Performance is intertwined in everything we do, this is why I believe in a holistic approach to mental health and performance, which I call "life performance." Our students are constantly performing, whether in the classroom, on the stage, or in their co-curriculars. The tools we work to develop, such as understanding and managing anxiety productively, can translate to the classroom before a big test, just the same as the field or stage before a big game or production. The goal is to help students to understand the many ways in which they perform on a daily basis, and help them create a mental tool-kit, which will serve them far beyond their time here at Christchurch."  - Max Groen

Learn more about Max Groen and the work he does with Christchurch School students on his LinkedIn page: Max Groen, LinkedIn

Mental Health Counselors

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    Maxwell Groen 

    Mental Health and Performance Counselor

1:1 sessions: to work on mental health and/or performance, mental, and cognitive skills ranging from reducing anxiety to improving confidence. 

Team sessions: introduction through psychoeducation to mental performance concepts and skills, with emphasis on team cohesion and leadership. 

The CCS Wellness Center is located on the first floor of Murrell Dormitory.

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