"When you and your teachers live on the same campus, you see your teachers outside the classroom. They're like a friend, mentor, or older sibling, which is really nice. I think that makes me feel a lot more comfortable in the classroom. If I'm ever tired, worried or just not myself, a teacher or my dorm parent is sure to notice and check on me, ask me if they can help, or just offer me a cup of tea to make me feel better."   Sally '18

Faculty and Staff

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List of 74 members.

  • Photo of Aaron Alter

    Mr.  Aaron Alter 

    Admission Associate; Director of Global Education; Student Leadership Coordinator
    804.758.2306 ext. 401
    Yale University - B.A. Political Science, African Studies/Env.Policy
  • Photo of Susan Bennett

    Mrs. Susan Bennett 

    Head of Housekeeping
  • Photo of Scott Blankenship

    Mr. Scott Blankenship 

    Director of Publications; Yearbook Advisor
    804.758.2306 ext. 158
    Virginia Commonwealth University - B.F.A.
  • Photo of Jimmy Bristow

    Mr.  Jimmy Bristow 

    Maintenance and Groundskeeping
  • Ms.  Terry  Brooks 

    Accounting Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 141
  • Photo of Mollie Brumfield

    Ms.  Mollie Brumfield 

    Learning Specialist
    804.758.2306 ext. 403
    Dickinson College - 1998
  • Photo of William Burlee

    Mr. William Burlee IV 

    Director of Admission
    804.758.2306 ext. 136
    Hampden-Sydney College - B.S. Political Science
  • Photo of John E. Byers

    Mr. John E. Byers 

    Head of School
    804.758.2306 ext. 123
    Washington & Lee University - B.A. Classics
    Virginia Commonwealth University - M.A. English
  • Photo of Michael Carey

    Mr. Michael Carey 

    Science Department Chair; Drama Tech Director
    804.758.2306 ext. 578
    Yale University - B.A. Geology, Geophysics
    The College of William and Mary - M.A.Ed. Resource/Collaborative Teaching
  • Photo of Meghan Cavanaugh

    Ms. Meghan Cavanaugh 

    Director of International Student Programs
    Kent State University - BA Teaching English as a Second Language
    The Pennsylvania State University - M.A. Teaching English to Student of Other Languages
  • Photo of Charlotte Charlton

    Mrs. Charlotte Charlton 02

    Learning Specialist; Day Student Coordinator
    Christchurch School
    University of Mary Washington
    University of Delaware - B. A.
  • Photo of Wesley M. Charlton

    Mr. Wesley M. Charlton 01

    Assistant Head of School for Advancement
    804.758.2306 ext. 160
    College of William & Mary - B.A. Literary & Cultural Studies
    University of Richmond School of Law - J.D.
  • Photo of Abigail Cola

    Mrs. Abigail Cola 

    Learning Specialist
    804.758.2306 ext. 585
    Hood College - B.A.
  • Photo of Dave Cola

    Mr. Dave Cola 

    Director of Place-Based Education; River/Outdoor; Swim Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 443
    Washington College - B.A., M.A.
  • Photo of Carol Conti

    Mrs. Carol Conti 

    Accounting Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 141
    Rappahannock Community College - A.A.S.
  • Bri Dehm 

    Part-Time Nurse
  • Photo of John Dehm

    Mr. John Dehm 

    Senior Associate Director of Admission; Head Boys Lacrosse Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 129
    St. Mary's College of Maryland - B.A.
  • Photo of Derick Delloro

    Mr.  Derick Delloro 

    Integrated Science Instructor
    Hampshire College - B.A.
    The University of Iowa - M.S.
  • Photo of Elsie Delva

    Ms. Elsie Delva 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
    804.758.2306 ext. 441
    Florida State University - B.S. Psychology/Criminology
    Florida International University - M.S. Criminal Justice
  • Photo of Mary-Kate Doherty

    Ms. Mary-Kate Doherty 

    Art Instructor; Hall Leader 3rd Murrell
    University of Southern California - B.A. Communication Studies
    Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts - M.F.A.
  • Photo of Leland  DuNomes

    Mr.  Leland  DuNomes 

    Math Department Chair
    Marygrove College - B.A. Mathematics
    Concordia University - M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics K-13
  • Photo of Catherine Fletcher

    Mrs. Catherine Fletcher 

    Administrative Assistant for Community Life
    804. 758.2306 ext. 581
    University of Arizona - B.A.
    Regis University - M.S.
  • Photo of M. Huntley Galleher

    Mr. M. Huntley Galleher 

    Associate Director of Development
    804.758.2306 ext. 135
    Elon College - B.A.
  • Photo of Peter Goodrich

    Mr.  Peter Goodrich 

    College Counselor
    Rhodes College - B.A. History
    The College of William and Mary - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Dennis Gunn

    Mr. Dennis Gunn Sr.  

    Director of Operations; Head Baseball Coach
  • Mr. Dennis Gunn Jr.  93

    Maintenance and Groundskeeping
    Christchurch School
  • Photo of Larry Hammer

    Mr. Larry Hammer 

    Network Administrator
    804-758-2306 ext. 181
    Old Dominion University - BS
  • Photo of Michael Heath

    Dr. Michael Heath 

    Humanities Department Chair
    804.758.2306 ext. 121
    James Madison University - B.A. English, History of Art
    Magdalen College, Oxford University - M. Litt. Modern History
    Edinburgh University - Ph.D. Moral Philosophy, Theology
  • Photo of Dido Heath

    Mrs. Dido Heath 

    Director of College Counseling
    804.758.2306 ext. 138
    Oxford University - M.A. Literae Humaniores
    University of Edinburgh - M.Ed. Special Ed, Classroom Learning, Counseling
  • Photo of Rebecca Hogge

    Mrs.  Rebecca Hogge 

    Alumni & Development, Administrative Assistant/Database Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 134
  • Photo of Edward Homer

    Mr. Edward Homer 

    Humanities; Head Football Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 587
    Middlebury College - B.A. Political Science, Religion
  • Mrs. Jennifer Homer 

    Communications Associate; Hall Leader Faye Dorm
    804.758.2306 ext. 119
    Middlebury College - B.A. History, English
  • Photo of Daniel Hulse

    Mr.  Daniel Hulse 

    Dean of Students
    Columbia College Chicago - B.A. Marketing Communications
    California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo - M.A. Education/Counseling & Guidance
  • Photo of Connie Jessie

    Mrs. Connie Jessie 

    Studies Office; Registrar
    804.758.2306 ext. 132
  • Photo of Johan Johnson

    Dr. Johan Johnson 

    Chaplain; Dean of Community Life
    Clark University - B.A. Psychology
    Union Theological Seminary - M.Div.
    Fordham University - Ph.D. Education
    Columbia University Business School - Executive Educational Certificate
  • Photo of Maria Jones

    Ms. Maria Jones 

    Nurse L.P.N.
    Rappahannock Community College - L.P.N.
  • Photo of Neal Keesee

    Dr. Neal Keesee 

    Associate Head of School; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 124
    The College of William and Mary - A.B. Government and Religion
    The University of Chicago - M.A. Religious Studies
    The University of Chicago - Ph.D. Theology
  • Photo of Carl Kelly

    Mr. Carl Kelly 

    Learning Specialist
    804.758.2306 ext. 125
    Virginia Union University - B.A. History, Political Science
  • Photo of Peter Kempe

    Mr. Peter Kempe 

    Librarian; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 534
    Messiah College - B.A.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - M.A.
  • Photo of Kristin Kiland

    Mrs. Kristin Kiland 

    804.758.2306 ext. 571
    Miami University - 1996 B.A. Spanish, Latin Am Studies B.S.
  • Photo of Christopher  Little

    Dr. Christopher  Little 

    World Languages Department Chair
    804.758.2306 ext. 430
    University of Virginia - B.A. Spanish, Economics, Art History
    University of Virginia - M.A. Spanish
    University of Virginia - Ph.D. Spanish
  • Photo of Tina McCurry

    Mrs. Tina McCurry 

    Admission Office, Administrative Assistant
    804.758.2306 ext. 122
    Rappahannock Community College - A.A.S. Office Systems Technology
  • Photo of Meghan McNeill

    Ms.  Meghan McNeill 

    Director of Learning Skills Program; Learning Specialist; Head Model UN Advisor
    804.758.2306 ext. 162
    University at Buffalo - B.A. Spanish, Psychology, Sociology
    University at Buffalo - M.Ed. Applied Linguistics
    University of Nottingham - PGCEi Postgraduate Certificate in Education
    Southern New Hampshire University - Graduate Certificate
  • Photo of Michael McNeill

    Mr.  Michael McNeill 

    Instrumental Music; Chapel Organist
  • Photo of Josh Miller

    Mr.  Josh Miller 

    Community Support and Safety Manager; Strength and Fitness
  • Photo of Jessica  Miller

    Mrs. Jessica  Miller 

    Science; Assistant Dean of Instruction
    804.758.2306 ext. 208
    West Virginia University - B.A. Chemistry
    Marist College - M.Ed.
  • Photo of G. Kieran O'Connell

    Mr.  G. Kieran O'Connell 

    Waterfront and Sailing Director
    804.758.2306 ext. 538
  • Photo of Tasha Parrish

    Ms. Tasha Parrish 

    Accounting Associate
    804.758.2306 ext. 560
  • Photo of Mark Parsons

    Mr. Mark Parsons 

    Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair; Music and Theatre
    804.758.2306 ext. 575
    Tennessee Temple University - B.A.
    Eastern Michigan University - M.A. Vocal Performance/Choral Studies
  • Photo of Pooja Patel

    Ms. Pooja Patel 

    Boston University - B.A. International Relations
    London School of Economics
    Columbia University - M.A. Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
  • Photo of Evan Pausic

    Mr. Evan Pausic 17

    Learning Specialist; Hall Leader 3rd Scott
    Randolph College - B.A. Philosophy
  • Photo of Emma Payne

    Mrs. Emma Payne 

  • Photo of Jessica Perkins

    Ms. Jessica Perkins 

    Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing; Hall Leader 2nd Murrell
    Old Dominion University - B.A. Communication
  • Photo of Theresa Perry

    Ms. Theresa Perry 

    Dean of Community Logistics and Support
    804.758.2306 ext. 177
  • Photo of Donald Pyles

    Mr.  Donald Pyles III 

    Dean of Instruction; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 128
    Roanoke College - History, American Literature
    The College of William and Mary - M.Ed.
  • Photo of Debra Rodgers

    Mrs. Debra Rodgers 

  • Photo of Mary Rotimi

    Ms. Mary Rotimi 

    Director of Athletics and Co-Curriculars
    West Chester University - Masters
    Lincoln University - Bachelors
  • Photo of Teresa Saxon

    Teresa Saxon 

    Part-Time Nurse
  • Photo of Matthew Schaefer

    Mr.  Matthew Schaefer 

    Math; Head Boys and Girls Soccer Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 589
    Pennsylvania State University - B.S. Biological Engineering
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - M.S. Biological Systems Engineering
  • Photo of Rebecca Schomburg

    Mrs. Rebecca Schomburg 

    Director of Annual Giving
    804.758.2306 ext. 127
    Christopher Newport University - B.A. Psychology
  • Photo of Sandy  Scott

    Mrs. Sandy  Scott 

    Chief Financial Officer
    804.758.2306 ext. 146
    University of Georgia - B.A. Journalism
    University of Georgia - M.B.A.
  • Photo of Angela Showalter

    Ms.  Angela Showalter 

    804.758.2306 ext. 523
    Goshen College - B.A. History
    New York University - J.D.
  • Photo of Nicholas  Smith

    Mr. Nicholas  Smith 

    James Madison University - B.A. History/Economics
    Marquette University, Sensenbrenner School of Law - J.D.
  • Photo of James Sterling

    Mr. James Sterling 14

    Design and Tech Instructor; Robotics
    University of South Florida
    Florida Southern College
  • Photo of Orleita Taylor

    Mrs.  Orleita Taylor 

    Payroll/Payables Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 130
  • Photo of Melissa Taylor

    Ms. Melissa Taylor 

    Dean of Residential Life and Student Activities
    Dartmouth College - 1996
    Dartmouth College - B.A. Linguistics and Psychology
    Teachers College, Columbia University - Ed.M. School Psychology
  • Ms. Jennifer Tietjen 

    Part-Time Nurse, Community Life
    Southeast Missouri State University - 2000
  • Photo of Graciela Wessinger

    Mrs. Graciela Wessinger 

    Director of Guidance Services
    804.758.2306 ext. 164
    Lynchburg College - B.A. Sociology and Religious Studies
    Lynchburg College - M.Ed. Counseling Education
  • Photo of William Wessinger

    Mr. William Wessinger 04

    Athletic Trainer
    804.758.2306 ext. 168
    Lynchburg College - B.S. Athletic Training
    California University of Pennsylvania - M.S. Athletic Training
  • Photo of Haley Wilbanks

    Ms. Haley Wilbanks 

    Science; Aquaculture Director; Hall Leader 1st Murrell
    804.758.2306 ext. 588
    Sewanee: The University of the South - B.S. Biochemistry, Env. Studies/Psycholog
  • Photo of Emily Wilkinson

    Ms.  Emily Wilkinson 

    Admission Associate
    804.758.2306 ext. 133
    University of Virginia - Bachelor of Science
    John Hopkins University - Master of Administrative Science
  • Photo of Carter Vivio

    Mr.  Carter Vivio 

    World Languages Instructor; Spanish
    Kenyon College
  • Photo of Gidget Valadez

    Mrs. Gidget Valadez 

    Nurse RN, BSN, CMSRN
    804.758.2306 ext. 143
    Hood College - B.A. Political Science/Gerontology
    Rappahannock Community College - A.D.N.
    South University - B.S.N.
  • Photo of Kim West

    Mrs. Kim West 


THE MAJORITY OF faculty members have chosen not only to teach at Christchurch, but also to call Christchurch home. Some 75 percent of teachers and staff live on campus, and even those who don't have a campus address share meals with students, coach sports teams, lead co-curricular activities, and build relationships with their students that extend beyond the classroom. 

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN students and teachers who share a community makes learning less an academic experience and more a part of real life. Discussions that begin during class continue in the dining hall, on the playing field, and in the residence halls. Because Christchurch teachers come to know the whole person, not just the student they see in the class, they are able to advise students on a more personal level. Students, in turn, see their teachers as adults they can trust, not just the people who administer their tests. 

TEACHERS WHO ALSO SERVE as dorm parents live with students day in and day out. These campus parents come to know and care for "their kids" on a deep personal level and are always available to offer guidance not only academically, but also socially or emotionally. 

MORE THAN TEACHING, being a Christchurch faculty member is co-parenting. Every faculty member is a different kind of parent, and every faculty member brings a different set of skills to offer students. When a student needs advice, motivation, encouragement, or nurturing, he or she has 6-plus caring adults ready to meet that need. 

THIS CAMPUS FAMILY extends beyond Christchurch teachers. Every adult on campus, from the headmaster to the members of the maintenance staff, is an an advocate for the students. 

AS ONE CHRISTCHURCH TEACHER said it best, " Teaching at Christchurch is not a way to earn a paycheck. It's a way to live your life. The reward isn't in what we do for the kids. It's in what the kids do for us."

Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031