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    Donald Pyles 

    Senior Director of Curriculum and Program; Humanities
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    Dave Cola 

    Director of Place-Based Education; River & Outdoor; Swim Coach

Place-Based at Christchurch

The academic schedule at Christchurch. whether for boarding or day, is similar to a college schedule, with classes beginning at 8:45 a.m. Students take six classes a semester - three classes per day lasting 85 minutes, with classes scheduled on alternating days. The longer class periods create more opportunities for projects and labs that keep students engaged and foster a deeper connection with the material, while alternating class days mean evening homework is focused on fewer subjects. The carefully-designed private school schedule teaches students to manage their time effectively and better prepares them for college life.

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Great Journeys

Great Journeys Begin at the River

IN ADDITION TO rigorous course material, students learn how to collaborate, problem solve, and use evolving technology as a creative tool. Students develop the critical thinking skills that prepare them for college courses and careers, including those that don't yet exist. In a world that is rapidly changing, Christchurch School teaches students how to navigate those changes with confidence. 

Christchurch's innovative curriculum also takes full advantage of the school's waterfront location on the Rappahannock River. The river and historic Tidewater Virginia serve as a living classroom where students participate in hands-on learning that is not duplicated by any other school. Applying the skills they learn to solve problems in the tidewater prepares students to solve problems in the larger world.

GRADE LEVEL THEMES - using the concept of place to understand what it means to be a citizen, locally, nationally and globally ...

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