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  • Photo of Jane Allen

    Ms. Jane Allen ATC 

    Assistant Dean of Students
    804.758.2306 ext. 528
  • Photo of Aaron Alter

    Mr.  Aaron Alter 

    Admission Associate; Director of Global Education
    804.758.2306 ext. 401
  • Photo of Basil Arafat

    Mr.  Basil Arafat 

    Math Instructor
    804.758.2306 ext. 529
  • Photo of Scott Blankenship

    Mr. Scott Blankenship 

    Director of Publications; Yearbook Advisor
    804.758.2306 ext. 158
  • Photo of Mollie Brumfield

    Ms.  Mollie Brumfield 

    Learning Specialist
    804.758.2306 ext. 403
  • Photo of William Burlee

    Mr. William Burlee IV 

    Director of Admission
    804.758.2306 ext. 136
  • Photo of John E. Byers

    Mr. John E. Byers 

    Head of School
    804.758.2306 ext. 123
  • Photo of Michael Carey

    Mr. Michael Carey 

    Science Department Chair; Drama Tech Director
    804.758.2306 ext. 578
  • Photo of Wesley M. Charlton

    Mr. Wesley M. Charlton 01

    Assistant Head of School for Advancement
    804.758.2306 ext. 160
  • Photo of Taylor Clements

    Dr. Taylor Clements 

    Math Dept. Chair; Director of Innovation and Design; Computer Science; Robotics
  • Photo of Abigail Cola

    Mrs. Abigail Cola 

    Learning Specialist
    804.758.2306 ext. 585
  • Photo of Dave Cola

    Mr. Dave Cola 

    Director of Place-Based Education; River/Outdoor
    804.758.2306 ext. 443
  • Photo of Brendan Cole

    Mr. Brendan Cole 13

    Dir. of Athletics/Co-Curr. Programs; Head Basketball Coach; Advancement Assoc; Hall Parent 2nd Scott
    804.758.2306 ext. 537
  • Photo of Carol Conti

    Mrs. Carol Conti 

    Accounting Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 141
  • Photo of Kate Crittenden

    Ms. Kate Crittenden 

    Health Services
  • Photo of Rosemary Curro

    Mrs.  Rosemary Curro LPN 

    Director, Health Services
    804.758.2306 ext. 143
  • Photo of John Dehm

    Mr. John Dehm 

    Senior Associate Director of Admission; Head Boys Lacrosse Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 129
  • Photo of Elsie Delva-Smith

    Mrs. Elsie Delva-Smith 

    Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture
    804.758.2306 ext. 441
  • Photo of Catherine Fletcher

    Mrs. Catherine Fletcher 

    (804) 758-2306, Ext. 581
  • Photo of M. Huntley Galleher

    Mr. M. Huntley Galleher 

    Associate Director of Development
    804.758.2306 ext. 135
  • Photo of Kelly Goodrich

    Ms.  Kelly Goodrich 

    Life Skills
  • Photo of Peter Goodrich

    Mr.  Peter Goodrich 

    Humanities Department Co-Chair
  • Photo of Dennis Gunn

    Mr. Dennis Gunn Sr.  

    Director of Operations; Head Baseball Coach
  • Photo of Larry Hammer

    Larry Hammer 

    Network Administrator
    804-758-2306 ext. 181
  • Photo of Dido Heath

    Mrs. Dido Heath 

    Director of College Counseling
    804.758.2306 ext. 138
  • Photo of Michael Heath

    Dr. Michael Heath 

    Dean of Students; Humanities Department Co-Chair
    804.758.2306 ext. 121
  • Photo of Rebecca Hogge

    Mrs.  Rebecca Hogge 

    Accounting Clerk for Business Office
    804.758.2306 ext. 560
  • Photo of Edward Homer

    Mr. Edward Homer 

    Humanities; Head Football Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 587
  • Mrs. Jennifer Homer 

    Communications Associate; Hall Parent, Faye Dorm
    804.758.2306 ext. 119
  • Photo of Connie Jessie

    Mrs. Connie Jessie 

    Studies Office; Registrar
    804.758.2306 ext. 132
  • Photo of Neal Keesee

    Dr. Neal Keesee 

    Associate Head of School; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 124
  • Photo of Peter Kempe

    Mr. Peter Kempe 

    Librarian; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 534
  • Photo of Kristin Kiland

    Mrs. Kristin Kiland 

    804.758.2306 ext. 571
  • Photo of Jason Kincaid

    Mr. Jason Kincaid 

  • Photo of Christopher  Little

    Dr. Christopher  Little 

    Foreign Language Department Chair
    804.758.2306 ext. 430
  • Photo of Liping Liu

    Dr. Liping Liu 

    Foreign Language (Chinese)
    804.758.2306 ext. 525
  • Photo of Mitchell MacDonald '13

    Mr. Mitchell MacDonald '13 13

    Admission Associate; Hall Parent 1st Scott
  • Photo of April Marini

    Ms. April Marini 

    Math; Hall Parent, Second Murrell
  • Photo of Sarah  McCormick

    Mrs. Sarah  McCormick 

    Art Instructor
    804.758.2306 ext. 505
  • Photo of Tina McCurry

    Mrs. Tina McCurry 

    Admission Office, Administrative Assistant
    804.758.2306 ext. 122
  • Photo of Meghan McNeill

    Ms.  Meghan McNeill 

    Director of Learning Skills Program; Learning Specialist; Head Model UN Advisor
    804.758.2306 ext. 162
  • Photo of Michael McNeill

    Mr.  Michael McNeill 

    Instrumental Music; Chapel Organist
  • Photo of Jessica  Miller

    Mrs. Jessica  Miller 

    Science; Assistant Dean of Instruction
    804.758.2306 ext. 208
  • Mr.  Josh Miller 

    Campus Safety Manager; Hall Parent, Third Murrell
  • Photo of Ashley Myers

    Mrs. Ashley Myers 

    Development Office Administrative Coordinator
    804.758.2306 ext. 134
  • Photo of G. Kieran O'Connell

    Mr.  G. Kieran O'Connell 

    Head Sailing Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 538
  • Photo of Mark Parsons

    Mr. Mark Parsons 

    Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair; Music and Theatre
    804.758.2306 ext. 575
  • Photo of Jessica Perkins

    Ms. Jessica Perkins 

    Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Photo of Theresa Perry

    Ms. Theresa Perry 

    Assistant Dean of Community Life: Director of Summer Programs; Director of Auxilliary Programs
    804.758.2306 ext. 177
  • Photo of Donald Pyles

    Mr.  Donald Pyles III 

    Dean of Instruction; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 128
  • Photo of Matthew Schaefer

    Mr.  Matthew Schaefer 

    Math; Head Boys and Girls Soccer Coach
    804.758.2306 ext. 589
  • Photo of Rebecca Schomburg

    Mrs. Rebecca Schomburg 

    Director of Annual Giving and Philanthropic Engagement
    804.758.2306 ext. 127
  • Photo of Sandy  Scott

    Mrs. Sandy  Scott 

    Chief Financial Officer
    804.758.2306 ext. 146
  • Photo of Angela Showalter

    Ms.  Angela Showalter 

    804.758.2306 ext. 523
  • Photo of Eric Smith

    Mr. Eric Smith 

    International Student Coordinator; ESL; Humanities
    804.758.2306 ext. 407
  • Photo of Nicholas  Smith

    Mr. Nicholas  Smith 

  • Photo of Melissa Taylor

    Ms.  Melissa Taylor 

    Learning Specialist; Math Instructor
  • Photo of Orleita Taylor

    Mrs.  Orleita Taylor 

    Payroll/Payables Manager
    804.758.2306 ext. 130
  • Photo of Mark  Viser

    Mr.  Mark  Viser 

    Spanish; Hall Parent, Third Scott
    804.758.2306 ext. 586
  • Photo of Graciela Wessinger

    Mrs. Graciela Wessinger 

    Director of Guidance Services; College Counselor
    804.758.2306 ext. 164
  • Photo of William Wessinger

    Mr. William Wessinger 04

    Athletic Trainer
    804.758.2306 ext. 168
  • Photo of Haley Wilbanks

    Ms. Haley Wilbanks 

    Science; Aquaculture Director; Hall Parent 1st Murrell
    804.758.2306 ext. 588
  • Photo of Emily Wilkinson

    Ms.  Emily Wilkinson 

    Admission Associate
    804.758.2306 ext. 133

Business Hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
804.758.2306, choose from the following prompts:
  • 2 for Admission Office
  • 3 for Alumni & Development Office
  • 4 for Athletics
  • 5 for Business Office
  • 6 for Community Life
  • 7 for Health Services
  • 8 for Academics and College Counseling
  • 9 for Summer Camps & Facility Rentals
After Business Hours and Weekends:

Admission Office Fax: 804.758.0721
Academic Office Fax: 804.758.0721
Business Office Fax: 804.758.4189
Development Office Fax: 804.758.0721
Community Life Office Fax: 804.758.4189

49 Seahorse Lane, Christchurch, Virginia 23031

49 Seahorse Lane, Saluda, VA 23149
(please note that this is different from our mailing address)


Christchurch School

49 Seahorse Lane,
Christchurch, Virginia 23031